The Feast of the Beast

The Feast of the Beast and/or the Marriage to the Beast shows up on several different Satanic calendars. It is usually on September 7, although some calendars also list March 24. Some specify that the bride must be a virgin, others mention that the Bride must be under 21. Dismemberment is sometimes called for, although it is not stated whether it is the Bride that is dismembered or a different person who is sacrificed.

Where did this ceremony come from? Hard to tell.

In 1909,  Aleister Crowley described a “Service Celebrating the Feast for the First Night of the Beast and His Bride.” in  Liber Legis II:37. It commemorates August 12, the first night Crowley (the Beast) spent with his first wife, Rose Edith Kelly, and, is essentially, a Gnostic Mass in the form of a love poem. A light banquet with champagne follows the service. The text of the service is at

The other description of the Feast of the Beast on the Internet is by Fritz Springmeier. This article is quoted verbatim on different websites; nothing new is added. You can read it at

Fritz Springmeier writes: “… the Feast of the Beast is a yearlong event that occurs every 28 years and is attended by Illuminati leadership from around the world.” (In explaining the numerological significance of 28, he refers back to Crowley’s “Gematria and Tables of Correspondences.” Crowley states that 28 is the number of the Beast and refers to power.)

“At the Feast of the Beast, a beautiful bride is trained and presented to Satan, and she may well be a virgin. This ceremony is most likely held at a castle or palace, and is also likely to be held over in Europe for the principle ceremony. Lesser ceremonies may be held here in the states. Witnesses claim that Satan appears and interacts with his human leadership. He provides them with detailed instructions for what he wants done until the next Feast of the Beast. In other words, he provides the top Illuminati hierarchy with their future long-range plans.”

Springmeier ends by saying: “However, there is also a small ceremony performed before the autumn equinox approximately around the 5th to the 7th of September, which is a Marriage to the Beast ceremony, that can also be called The Feast of the Beast. It is a microcosm of the large ceremony. Or perhaps one could call it an imitation.”

That is all I could find on the Internet. There are some videos on Youtube, mostly about the 2010 Olympics opening ceremonies, and some music videos. And Google tells us that several restaurants advertise a special “Feast of the Beast” and serve wild boar.

If you know anything more about this holiday, can you share with us in the comment section? Thanks a lot!


14 thoughts on “The Feast of the Beast

  1. Actually the Feast of the Beast is recorded as May 1st by Vatican II which had venerated the Anti Christ John Paul II.

  2. I was married, aged 4, to baphomet in a beast marriage ritual. My mother was is a baphomet (beast) mother and the marriage basically was to her, but with the “dark seed” given to me, the unholy host. With human flesh, excrement, and reproductive juices. The actual dark seed was a drop of black fluid which when ingested joined me to the baphomet field (lower astral) thru a feeling a deep despair and trauma. The marriage was consummated fully, (raping me) then a sacrifice (test tube or surrogate baby) then the dark drink baphomets urine. The ceremony ended with an orgy and even some negative tall greys and hooded reptilians showed up. The psychics were quite powerful and sealed me with the baphomet seal and a masonic temple seal. Very harsh and twisted I have had to relive this over 16 weeks now. I need help and prayers this is what I know of the English beast marriage. Yes they are illuminati, of the satanic kind. Has Anyone else been through this?

    1. Oh, that is absolutely terrible. And terrible to have to relive it for four months. Do you have support? Any place to go for ideas on how to move through a flashback so that it stops? I had a 3 month flashback, but it was at the beginning of my remembering and I so I have no idea what to do to stop it.

      There is a marriage annulment article which might be useful at

      I’m going to put a note asking how to work through an early flashback and also if others have been “married” to the beast.

    1. oh heavens no, you were born innocent and sweet and good. The day you are born on doesn’t matter, you are just like any other new baby coming into the world. No baby is born evil. It’s impossible.

      It is true that Satanic cults try and get their children born on so-called “bad” days. (And there is nothing “bad” about a day, it’s just another ordinary day.) Then they can get to tell the child it is special, it was born on a special day, and that makes it Satanic and evil and it gets to grow up and be important in the cult. So they aim for Halloween or Beltane or an equinox or solstice, etc.

      If you were told as a child that you were born bad, it was a lie. And if this person, as an adult, told you you were born bad, the were wrong. They may have believed lies that they were told as children. You don’t have to believe anybody who tells you you were born evil.

      Makes sense?

  3. Although I am not an occultist, there is an old book (published circa 1980) called “Michelle Remembers” that gives a detailed account of a Feast of the Beast held in 1955. Many occult groups have tried to debunk this book which is supposedly the depth memories of a child subjected to ritual abuse by a coven of Satanists. I suspect the story is true as they have gone to great lengths to delegitimize it. You can probably get it on Good luck in your research.

    1. Thank you for letting me know. That was one of the first books I read on remembering! I don’t recall anything about the Feast of the Beast. What I mainly remember is being aware that Michele’s experiences were very different from mine. Was it because she was Catholic? Or Canadian? Now I realize that there is great variation in practices between different groups.

      My group ignored both the Feast of the Beast and Marriage to the Beast, which I tend to get confused in my mind.

  4. The Feast can also be held in a church in the United States. In Italy I know it can be held in a grotto. Sometimes the Beast can be refered to as The Serpent. (Not to be confused with a snake) It depends on the clan and their spiritual teachings, and lineage.

    The ritual can be a 13 year-old. In some clans that perform the ritual in churches the child is 7.

    I won’t go into ritual details in a public forum.

  5. Oh, I always check all my links…except this time :8-)) or maybe :8-((

    Thanks for catching it — I fixed it.

    It would be great of you could tell us more about the Feast of the Beast, which groups do this ritual, and what is the significance of the rose. I am aware of a black rose symbolizing death in some cults.

    1. If you are interested in my occult knowledge, please. None of the next are my personal beliefs. Also, fairly big trigger warning.

      You already gave a good example, it’s important to understand its symbolic meaning, as with everything in the occult. Lets take it again in plain English.

      It’s all based on the principle of dualism. At the feast, a person is given understanding that the evil, worldly side is equally important. He symbolically unites with Satan to accept this in his life. A rose represents the Mystery hiding the meaning of this duality considered to be the Universal Law.

      The prince Beast is a man that controls life as two opposites, so does the cult. They glorify balanced destruction that gives them rule over life by destroying it perpetually, but not killing it.

      There are two major occult symbols in flowers. The first is represented by a lotus, or, a lily. It stands for a hexagram, two opposite triangles standing for duality of good and evil, the Law. The second is represented by a rose standing for the mentioned Mystery of the nature of the world and how all the things work, knowledge of the Law.
      The occult tries to see the principle of duality everywhere. They try to put it in everything, as they see it. This ritual must be used everywhere with different symbolism.

  6. May I do some editing for you?The first link has http:// at the end. I always check links in my writings.
    As for the feast, it is initiation into the dark(shadow) part of the mystery(rose). I believe, a ritual like that is done personally at the age of 13, symbolically every year as a ritual and for the whole power system every 28 years.

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