Labor Day

I don’t think that Labor Day is a very important Satanic holiday, although I may be wrong. I think its value to the cults lies mainly in being a three day weekend, a time when people can abuse children, animals, and helpless adults at leisure.

Here’s some background on Labor Day. If any of it resonates with you, would you consider sharing in the comments section?

In Canada, the first Labour Day was held in 1872 with a parade in support of the Toronto Typographical Union’s strike for a 58-hour work-week. The first Labor Day in the United States was planned by the Central Labor Union and celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City. The first State to make it a legal holiday was Oregon, in 1887. By 1894, 31 States had enacted laws, and Congress made it a Federal holiday that same year, specifying that it be held on the first Monday of September.

The September date was chosen over International Workers’ Day, which is on May 1, because President Grover Cleveland didn’t want it to be connected to Communist, Socialist, and Anarchist movements. About 80 countries celebrate on May 1, and others, such as Australia, chose different days with special meaning in their countries. Beltane rituals far overshadow whatever meaning Labor Day might have to Satanic cults in those countries with May observances.

Originally, Labor Day in North America was celebrated publicly with parades, speeches by politicians. and political demonstrations. Today, picnics, barbecues, and fireworks are more popular. And, of course, it is the start of the football season and an occasion for mega-sales.

Back in 1999, I decided to honor myself for all the hard work I had put into dealing with ritual abuse.  It feels good to read what I wrote —

I never saw much to celebrate in Labor Day; it seemed a manufactured holiday, an excuse for a long weekend. Since I have started healing, however, I find I am viewing it differently.

It is indeed labor — hard, hard work — to heal from ritual abuse. The little details of life that most people don’t even think about come with an incredible amount of baggage from the past. To do the simplest thing can feel like slogging through molasses and can take hours of effort.

Instead of looking at all the things I can’t do, or the things I do slowly and with agony, I am trying to recognize just how badly hurt I was as a child to result in such difficulties. It is hard emotional labor to write a letter. More labor to address the envelope. Still more to put on a stamp (and I actually had to enter a public building to get that stamp). Then I have to leave the safety of my apartment to go mail it in one of those big scary blue boxes.

Year after year, I have done the things that needed to be done despite all the fear and anxiety. Before memories, during memories, and after memories, the bills got paid, the birthday cards got sent. Sometimes late, but things always were taken care of.

So I think I deserve a Labor Day of my very own. Actually, I think I deserve three hundred and sixty five of them. I think we all do!

15 thoughts on “Labor Day

  1. Thank you so much for posting this artcle. I often get discouraged with my living space. It doesnt look like an episode from hoarders, but it is often not
    Where I would like it to be. Its a work in progress, too. When I first read this I stopped, took a deep breathe and
    Realized that was the problem, I forgot who I was, again. Forgotten what I have walked through…and that it was o.k..
    Thank you.


  2. An interesting discussion may be worth comment. I think that you should create more on this particular topic, may possibly not be a taboo subject but generally people are insufficient to speak on such matters. To the next. Many thanks


  3. Love your post! Well said!! I will view Labor Day with new insight and a more fitting way to celebrate my hard work. Thank you!


  4. Hey Jeannie,,, love this idea. Being “retired”, you would think that I’d be on a 365 day vacation, but I’m not. I have interests and volunteer in my community. I have friends who ask for help occasionally, and I generally keep busy most days. But a real live vacation would be so nice… Thinking of you in the shade of a palm tree on the white beaches of some far away island, reading your favorite novel, and drinking mai tai’s … ahhh that is the life!!


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