About the Photo

This is Spencer, my new Putty Tat. He is a Fraidy Tat and is hiding somewhere in my office. I  have complained enough about him in the blog, so not a word of criticism here. I hope he will come out of hiding well before I change the picture!

I believe he is purebred because he and his mother look exactly alike. If she were 50% Turkish Van and 50% regular old American cat, then Spencer would be only 25% Turkish Van. The odds of him looking EXACTLY like a purebred are pretty low.I

This is the heaviest cat I have ever owned – he’s a good fourteen pounds, and my others have all been around ten. I can easily carry him in his carrier, but I worry a bit about having to pick him up from the floor or from on top of a bookcase. (Bad back.) ‘ll worry for real about that when the time comes.

I believed what I read from Googling that Vans are very rare, and only 100 kittens a year are born in the US. Since my first Van came to America from Qatar, I felt very lucky.

But then I started seeing them everywhere – even in a digital jigsaw puzzle. I felt I was being stalked by Vans! There is a popular Turkish Van Facebook group, which I joined. I found two pages of Vans, mostly half-breeds, on AdoptaPet. Two of them were within 30 miles of me.

I filled out an application but never heard back. Guess they didn’t like me. I was disappointed and my feelings were hurt. So I sulked a while and then half-heartedly started looking again.

This time I found Spicy, a two-year-old male Van only 50 miles away from me! I thought Spicy sounded like a girl’s name and started calling him Spencer in my mind. Expecting to be disappointed again, I filled out the adoption application.

And the rest is history.

8 thoughts on “About the Photo

  1. I love fall leaves and this has always been my favorite color of leave in the fall. I raise awareness and do alternative healing in our world. I have been hit by so much darkness in this past decade because of the work I do. And red and orange have significant meaning for the dark side (shows allegiance to satanism/luciferianism) so I have drawn back from wearing them and they use to be my best as well as favorite colors.

    You helped me remember why I loved that shade of red so much. And I only thought of the intensity of that shade on that leaf . . . gorgeous breath taking nature and there is nothing like making the time and spending time with our Creator out amidst this kind of thing in nature dreaming my dreams awake.

    Love this!!! Thank You!


    1. Glad you enjoyed the leaves! I tell myself that Satanists and other sadists steal and pervert things that belong to all of us. Colors, jewels, holidays, etc. They like to think they own those things and that they have ruined them. Its good to remember that they are deluded!


  2. I just realized the comments don’t match the photo of the moment! Doesn’t matter, everything I posted is beautiful (I think) and your comments are all so nice.


  3. this photo reminds me of the Badlands in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation… only they are more stark than this photo… I love the beauty, and I love the selfie… take care my friend and thank you for sharing…


  4. Sometimes my life feels as if there is no time for me to enjoy things such as the beautiful colors of fall. Usually just drive by and look, but to get out and touch them or smell the fall air would be really cool. Im working on getting out more today. thanks for sharing and for your posts.


  5. I love the calmness of the water. It is something we all long for, calmness and to reflect the peace we receive as our healing progresses….
    I feel as if I can sit and stare at it for hours as I desperately need some calmness in my soul.


  6. It is so true; about serenity and beauty. We sometimes forget that there are so many beautiful things out there.
    Thank you for sharing it.


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