About the Photo

I change the photos at the beginning of the blog from time to time. I’ve chosen them to remind myself that the world is larger than ritual abuse and is filled with serenity and beauty.

Those pretty little California poppies that symbolized summer here have set seed – long, tapered seed pods that pop open when touched and fling their seed far and wide. It’s time to say to this year’s glorious show and turn my attention to the present.

Here is a photograph taken by a friend of mine on the West Coast. It makes me homesick for the East Coast. The colors of the underbrush, the pine trees, the low-lying morning fog. The river full of summer rain – not that New England had a lot of rain this year.

Funny how Oregon and Washington can look more like Massachusetts and Vermont than Massachusetts and Vermont do.

In my garden, which is irrigated, something is in bloom all year round. Right now I have the last of the purple sweet peas, the first of the pink neremes, red, yellow, pink, white, and orange roses, Japanese anemones, purple salvia, white cosmos, and a few more things, I feel like I am bragging, but I have nothing to do with bloom times in a Mediterranean climate. All I have to do is sit back and enjoy. Well, and weed, too.

8 thoughts on “About the Photo

  1. I love fall leaves and this has always been my favorite color of leave in the fall. I raise awareness and do alternative healing in our world. I have been hit by so much darkness in this past decade because of the work I do. And red and orange have significant meaning for the dark side (shows allegiance to satanism/luciferianism) so I have drawn back from wearing them and they use to be my best as well as favorite colors.

    You helped me remember why I loved that shade of red so much. And I only thought of the intensity of that shade on that leaf . . . gorgeous breath taking nature and there is nothing like making the time and spending time with our Creator out amidst this kind of thing in nature dreaming my dreams awake.

    Love this!!! Thank You!


    1. Glad you enjoyed the leaves! I tell myself that Satanists and other sadists steal and pervert things that belong to all of us. Colors, jewels, holidays, etc. They like to think they own those things and that they have ruined them. Its good to remember that they are deluded!


  2. I just realized the comments don’t match the photo of the moment! Doesn’t matter, everything I posted is beautiful (I think) and your comments are all so nice.


  3. this photo reminds me of the Badlands in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation… only they are more stark than this photo… I love the beauty, and I love the selfie… take care my friend and thank you for sharing…


  4. Sometimes my life feels as if there is no time for me to enjoy things such as the beautiful colors of fall. Usually just drive by and look, but to get out and touch them or smell the fall air would be really cool. Im working on getting out more today. thanks for sharing and for your posts.


  5. I love the calmness of the water. It is something we all long for, calmness and to reflect the peace we receive as our healing progresses….
    I feel as if I can sit and stare at it for hours as I desperately need some calmness in my soul.


  6. It is so true; about serenity and beauty. We sometimes forget that there are so many beautiful things out there.
    Thank you for sharing it.


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