About the Photo

California Poppies

These are some of my favorite flowers. They come out early in the spring and, as long as I keep picking them, last for months. Toward the end of summer I let them go to seed and hope I’ll get more plants the next year. Sometimes I am lucky, sometimes not. Fortunately the stores sell starter plants as well as packets of seed.

They last two to four days indoors and cheer me up immensely. Even indoors, they open when the sun rises and close when it sets. I’m not quite sure why some plants do this but, closed up, they are still beautiful. If I put them on my computer desk I smile at them all day long.

California poppies are bright orange in the wild, but they have been bred for many different colors. Lovely pale yellow, lemon yellow with orange markings, even red. But for me, the original ones are best.


6 thoughts on “About the Photo

  1. I just realized the comments don’t match the photo of the moment! Doesn’t matter, everything I posted is beautiful (I think) and your comments are all so nice.

  2. this photo reminds me of the Badlands in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation… only they are more stark than this photo… I love the beauty, and I love the selfie… take care my friend and thank you for sharing…

  3. Sometimes my life feels as if there is no time for me to enjoy things such as the beautiful colors of fall. Usually just drive by and look, but to get out and touch them or smell the fall air would be really cool. Im working on getting out more today. thanks for sharing and for your posts.

  4. I love the calmness of the water. It is something we all long for, calmness and to reflect the peace we receive as our healing progresses….
    I feel as if I can sit and stare at it for hours as I desperately need some calmness in my soul.

  5. It is so true; about serenity and beauty. We sometimes forget that there are so many beautiful things out there.
    Thank you for sharing it.

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