About the Photo

I’ve grown nasturtiums in my back yard for years. The small hybrid ones, with names like Alaska and Burgundy, don’t do very well for me. Their leaves are minuscule and I get maybe one bloom a summer. But, oh! the climbing ones!

I just stick the seeds in the ground and walk away. They have nothing to climb on, so they remain an untidy clump on the ground. Long snaky arms looking for something vertical would probably get to be ten feet long if I would let them.

For several years I have had a mix of red and yellow flowers. They self-seed joyously. Each blossom, if not picked, sets three large seeds, so I have more than enough for the next year. Occasionally the plants die off during the winter but there are always too many new plants the next spring.

Nasturtiums are cheerful, of course, but their main attraction is culinary. They taste like watercress or a mild radish and are great in salads. They are also used for decoration in fancy restaurants but I don’t fool around with that since I cook only for myself.

There is a little spur at the back of the flower that is filled with nectar. I think that small bugs crawl into it, cross-pollinating as they march through the flower itself. And every time I pick them this summer, there is a small bee that flows me around. We don’t bother each other and I am sure he thinks I know the best blossoms and uses me as a guide. Another new talent!


6 thoughts on “About the Photo

  1. I just realized the comments don’t match the photo of the moment! Doesn’t matter, everything I posted is beautiful (I think) and your comments are all so nice.

  2. this photo reminds me of the Badlands in South Dakota on the Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation… only they are more stark than this photo… I love the beauty, and I love the selfie… take care my friend and thank you for sharing…

  3. Sometimes my life feels as if there is no time for me to enjoy things such as the beautiful colors of fall. Usually just drive by and look, but to get out and touch them or smell the fall air would be really cool. Im working on getting out more today. thanks for sharing and for your posts.

  4. I love the calmness of the water. It is something we all long for, calmness and to reflect the peace we receive as our healing progresses….
    I feel as if I can sit and stare at it for hours as I desperately need some calmness in my soul.

  5. It is so true; about serenity and beauty. We sometimes forget that there are so many beautiful things out there.
    Thank you for sharing it.

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