Asking Your Advice About This Blog

A Wish for Everybody

It’s been one storm after another here on the West Coast. Saturated soil, flooding, emergency evacuations, and almost a dozen deaths from the storms. And I read about similar weather throughout the United States and Canada. One good friend was in an earthquake and another had to evacuate because of a hurricane. 

I wish you and everybody you love safety in this crazy weather. If the present-day threat brings flashbacks, my wish includes that you handle them with gentleness and compassion for the frightened child you once were. 

Spencer’s News

I have been mystified about the lack of hair in the brush every time I brush his long, thick fur. Today, I discovered the reason for this. 

His cat tree is upholstered in a dark carpet material that latches on to loose hair like Velcro. I glanced at the top platform and noticed that it had turned from black to white. So I brushed the cat tree instead of the cat! After about an hour, the wastebasket was filled with fur. Now I can, without guilt, stop feeling I am neglecting him if I don’t brush him every day.

I had lunch with Baker’s previous owner, who told me something very reassuring. (Baker was the Turkish Van mix I adopted before getting Spencer. He got sick just as soon as I adopted him and died of cancer within two months.) She said that Baker was timid for the first few years of his too-short life. If somebody he didn’t know well entered the house, he hid until the intruder was gone. By the time I met him, he was fearless and very social. Hopefully, Spencer is following in his footsteps.

Asking Your Advice About This Blog

When I started the blog, I just wanted a place to publish the short articles I had written for the Survivorship newsletter so that they would be all in one place and unlikely to get lost. 

I then started writing informative articles on various aspects of ritual abuse. There were articles on the background of major Satanic holidays, flashbacks, personal safety, choosing a therapist and evaluating therapy, and DID and defenses. There were guest articles, book reviews, articles about survivors/artists, and some of my poetry and artwork. Not much of anything about my personal life.

Recently, I have been sharing a lot more about myself. At first, I thought I would continue sharing information and just use myself as an example. Gradually, my life today became the focus. Of course, ritual abuse is an ever-present issue for me; it is present in everything I write and everything I do. 

I noticed that I have fewer readers than I used to, fewer new viewers, and fewer return viewers. This is also true for my website, I thought this was because ra-info hasn’t been updated in a long time and people aren’t reading the blog because they aren’t interested in me. So much of it is about illness and cats, both of which can get tedious.

However, I heard from a friend that neither the website nor the blog appears on the first page of a Google search. They used to be near the top. Google’s algorithm changed, and I didn’t. Guess I need to study SEO (search engine optimization).

(I just checked and found that the sites Google selects are sort of weird. There are a lot of resources in the United Kingdom and lots of material from the 1990s. The top hit is a short article by the Brisbane Rape and Incest Survivors Support Centre in Australia describing ritual abuse and its effects on survivors and giving Australian resources. I wonder what factors made it the first choice when they applied the current algorithm.)

Another friend told me that she thought she had subscribed to the blog, but she didn’t get a copy of new posts or an announcement of any kind. If people who subscribed aren’t getting anything, that surely lowers readership considerably.  

Another friend said that WordPress was too complicated, and so she blogs on SquareSpace, which is becoming popular. Simplicity is very appealing to me. WordPress is so complicated! It drives me nuts three times a month. I write and proof the entry and then spend about 4 – 5 hours just formatting it on WordPress. The draft often vanishes when I am almost ready to publish it, and I have to start over again.  

I’m turning to you all for advice. To make sure subscribers see this request, I’ll send it individually to people I believe have recently subscribed. My questions are –

1. Do you like that I share the struggles of my present life? Would you prefer more information about RA/MC and healing? Do you like the short items about conferences, holidays, my cat, etc.?

2. What do you think of the idea of leaving this WordPress blog up for reference, but starting up anew on SquareSpace?

3. Does anybody know anything about SEO? Would you be willing to coach me? I warn you – I do better if you communicate in regular old English. I’m not fluent in GeekSpeak.

Thank you so much for your feedback. If you tell me what works for you and what falls flat, I can make the posts more helpful to everybody. And if I get some advice on SEO and which platform to use, we can reach more people with less hassle.


35 thoughts on “Asking Your Advice About This Blog

  1. I enjoy both hearing about your personal life, and informative posts about RA. I think an issue with SquareSpace is that they don’t let anyone make a free account, so I am not sure how those without a subscription would be able to follow or receive news from you.

    I think for the SEO stuff, RA has recently gained popularity/attention again mostly on spaces like TikTok etc and I am sure that has resulted in a flood of new accounts and such that affects who reads what. I have noticed many younger people prefer getting their content in video form (YouTube etc) and in extremely short texts. So this may have a lot to do with your site no longer being the first to pop up.


    1. Well, if only people with SquareSpace accounts can read things published with Square Space, it’s pretty useless, isn’t it? I have a friend with an account who suggests formatting it on her account and then exporting it to this blog. That might save 3–4 hours of frustration.

      I’m not going to make videos, no way. Too much to learn and not enough talent. When I Googled RA only a couple of YouTube videos showed up in the first 100 It was mostly agencies and journal articles.

      It feels so good to be talking about this! It’s focusing my thinking

      BTW, I’m polyfragmented, too. If you write a blog I will follow it.


  2. I really enjoy hearing about your cat and your present day life.

    I often read blog entries in bursts, though, not necessarily as they get posted. If changing the platform would make things easier for you and you want to, you should do it. For me, wordpress is convenient, because I follow a few blogs there and everything is in one place.


      1. I agree!

        I also get emails, but when I go to “reader” on the WordPress website, all the entries I got per email are there too. I don’t think I did any extra steps for it to be that way.


  3. I am very late in my reply as usual. I love reading all your posts and they are important to me. I especially enjoy reading about your cat because I have two of
    I am starting to feel the pull of the Spring holidays. They seem very big this year.At least for me.


    1. Yay! Spencer thanks you and your kitties for your interest.

      I wonder why holidays seem harder than others some years. The lifting of a layer of amnesia and numerological dates (like the year 2000) seem obvious to me.


      1. Your comment about lifting of amnesia is so significant to me since I am tapering off an opioid analgesic and I am beginning to have more memories. Back in the 90s I was having early memories of RA and I was inpatient. They put me on high doses of Klonopin for several years. That would be unthinkable now however it did save my life.
        Thank you for being there!


        1. I can see why opioids would block memories. I wonder if the memories will get more intense or more frequent, and whether the content will change as you taper off. I hope that you now have the healing tools to handle new memories and support as you remember things.


  4. When I had a home page its content was much dominated by RA. Although i, after awhile, tried to change terminology and use other words for RA. My blog, on the other hand, wrote initually very little about RA. , but when my home page was put down there was more RA in the blog than before. But the last years I have extremely little RA in it.

    Then i have a special blog on ritual and organized abuse, but even in this i had gradually written more about organized than on ritual abuse.

    Maybe i will get more readers if i focused more on ritual abuse. Then i will have the only blog in Sweden that focus on this controversial subject and this could very well lead to much more readers.

    Why did i leave the original focus? Did i leave it as a concession to society at large, which don´t want to hear of such things? Did i leave it because of fear what could happen to me?

    These are unpleasant thoughts.


    1. Or perhaps you changed focus because you thought that you would gain more readers??? I hoped that would happen with the term “organized abuse” and was disappointed. Now I am hoping for the same result with “trafficking.”

      You have so many different blogs. It reminds me that there is more to life than ritual abuse and that we have the right to have other interests, things that satisfy our curiosity or thirst for beauty, things that bring us joy.

      Does everybody know about the WayBack Machine at It gives our writings a form of immortality.


      1. I’ve had others point me to wayback/ in search of RA/MC info. Must have another look. On the subject of terminology, I suspect ‘trafficking’ is a term which will reach more people. It’s a term used more regularly, more people know it from the mainstream media.


  5. Hi Jean, Thanks for another great blog post. I personally like the idea of reading a mix of information about ritual abuse and mind control AND your personal life. The topic of RA/MC can get very heavy for me at times, so it’s a relief and a joy to read about your latest adventures with Spencer or what visitors you have had to your garden. I find it all quite relevant and fascinating because the golden thread that runs through all your writing is YOU – an incredible survivor.
    On the topic of editing – I created a website on WordPress that has a blog as part of it. I find it very easy to post and edit it. Maybe that is an option you could look into. From what you described about your frustrating editing process, it sounds to me like a website might offer an easier format for writing.
    Have you written about the video of our presentation being posted online? I love you, Jean. I look forward to reading whatever it is you decide to write next! XXOO Sparrow


    1. I’m touched (and a little embarrassed) by your feedback. To balance things, I wish I could get some feedback from those who are not so thrilled with the current mix of RA and other content. I promise I won’t take it personally. Constructive criticism is helpful! Your question about letting people know about the video, for example, is a little nudge to take a deep breath and just do it. (Folks, I have still not worked through all my fears about being so vulnerable in public.)

      We aren’t having the same happy experience with using WordPress for the GrassRoots website. If anything, it is harder to use than this format. Drives all who work with it nuts, not just me. I yearn for the early days of the Internet when everything was much simpler and the learning curve wasn’t nearly as steep.


  6. Hello Jean!  I enjoy receiving your blogs and look forward to them! I like the variety – your cat, life happenings/challenges now and things about RA/MC and healing.  If leaving wordpress would be easier for you I say go for it with a note where people can find you now if interested.  More is being uncovered around RC/MC and experimentation. So I suppose more folks are likely searching around those things especially as resource options increase.   Hope this helps! Rebecca


    1. Ease of use sort of dovetails with the SEO issue. If/when I make the switch, this blog will remain accessible, will be listed on the WayBack Machine, and will be referenced on the new site. There might even be an easy way to import new posts into this blog. Wouldn’t that be the cat’s meow?

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  7. Hi Jean… I admire your persistence in trying to reach survivors, and I like the topics you choose. I like taking everyday situations and making connections from the abuse to your current state of healing. I don’t like WordPress and am amazed that you have navigated and are patient with the quirks it presents. I have never heard of Square so unable to give you any feedback on that. Keep up the good work if you are guided to do so. Love you, deJoly


    1. So good to hear from you, deJoly! I hope you are well in body and spirit, If SquareSpace is a lot easier than WordPress, I will let you all know, and then every single one of you can start blogging on it, and we will flood the search engines with new sites on RA/MC. Hundreds of us will shout from the rooftops, “THE WORLD WILL KNOW!”

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  8. I enjoy hearing about your life. In the beginning of healing, everything seems to be about the abuse itself. As time goes on we begin to live life. The RA still rears it’s ugly head, but the focus is still on life. Of course, like you, I’m older and living with chronic pain. While I currently don’t have any pets, I miss mine and love hearing about others. I dontusual l y comment, but I always look forward to reading what you write. A for the rest, I’m not tech savvy so, no help there I’m afraid!


    1. I wish you would chip in and share random thoughts. I so love reading the comments, and I think others do, too. It doesn’t have to be anything world-shaking. Just knowing there are others like me out there is so reassuring!

      I’m sorry about your chronic pain. It sure sucks, doesn’t it?


  9. Also useful – potentially:

    Again, I put on key words ‘ritual abuse’ and your website. It said you werent in the top 100, and helpfully did list higher ranked sites.
    I wonder if it isnt picking up your blog because it is a blog?

    Can you integrate your blog into your website – or move both to one place? Is it worth updating your website with a link to each new blog entry?


    1. I am so tired, I better come back tomorrow.
      There is a way to automatically post entries on Facebook, which obviously I have neglected. It looks like you are doing good detective work, and maybe we will soon be celebrating!!!!!

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  10. My website referred to was related to my work as a therapist. Each page had its own SEO settings, words relevant to that page.
    WIX has clear setting sections for optimising SEO settings.
    Looking at my off-line wordpress blog, I cant see any similar setting sections.

    Have you seen this
    They also offer a free course in SEO.
    From a brief look, it looks as though WordPress does quite a bit for you.

    One thing I picked up too is the importance of links to relevant sites. Also get other websites and social media pages to link to you.

    Do you have a facebook account? If not, maybe get one just for setting up a page where you can share your blog posts?

    You can also check your site on sites such as this
    I put yours in, and it brought up all the rankings, showing what has been more/less popular in terms of searching.

    ‘Ritual abuse’ is the obvious main focus of your site, but maybe more descriptions needed on the first page? I’ll have another look.


    1. Oh! I lost this comment of yours and finally figured I’d do better just going to the comment sections and finding it there. I’ll check out the links you gave me and get back to you. THank you so much for all this support!!!!

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      1. I also lost it, Jean! In fact, I never saw it after writing it, and thought I’d replied in vain. It made no difference whether I looked via the WordPress app on my iPad, or the WordPress website. It is not the first time this has happened on a blog.


        1. I found it\\, at the end of the comments yesterday.
          This is the comment I think you lost –
          My website referred to was related to my work as a therapist. Each page had its own SEO settings, words relevant to that page.

          WIX has clear setting sections for optimising SEO settings.

          Looking at my off-line wordpress blog, I cant see any similar setting sections.

          Have you seen this

          They also offer a free course in SEO.
          From a brief look, it looks as though WordPress does quite a bit for you.

          One thing I picked up too is the importance of links to relevant sites. Also get other websites and social media pages to link to you.

          Do you have a facebook account? If not, maybe get one just for setting up a page where you can share your blog posts?


    1. Thank you, so glad to hear this. I don’t remember seeing your name and don’t think we have written. And thank you so much for sharingmy writings. Do you know about GrassRoots? That might be helpful to share, too.

      Hidden beneath your words is good information for me. Some people, at least, are getting emails when they subscribe. I spent about 2 hours last night looking in the settings and could find nothing at all about settings and subscriptions. Wish I could find out how many are receiving emails and how to add people. As I said, WordPress is complicated!


  11. I like the shift of emphasis. It serves as a reminder that life is more than all that happened to us. I value the RA writings more than words could ever do justice to, but the shift in your writings reminds me that you are a real person, with the normal daily life-stuff of anyone else. It puts a real person behind the RA. I tend not to reply on your actual blog (until today) but always appreciate you dropping into my Inbox. As for SEO – I looked at the very basics for a Wix website I used to have, and basis are my absolute limit. All I do know is that adding all the appropriate key words DID make a difference, and I got onto the first page of a google search. Another thing which really helped me was having my website listed on as many other sites/directories as possible. Good luck – and thank you for all your blogging!


    1. Thank you so much!

      Before I remembered, I was all day-to-day. Then I was all RA. Absolutely consumed with RA 24/7. Gradually, I could turn my attention for short periods of time to other things.

      At one point I was brooding about integration (hard to do when you don’t have alters LOL) and went to put a book away. I burst out laughing because my bookshelf was integrated! I used to have all the RA books together, but now they had gotten mixed in with everything else. Old college textbooks, poetry, cookbooks, novels, everything all jumbled up. It was easier to find when everything was separate.

      Now, it is very good to know that there is more to life than RA/MC. The cult is not all-powerful. It does not, sadly, have a monopoly on evil and suffering. There is much the cult does not teach you – there is beauty out there, in the details as well as the larger picture. Beauty, and kindness, and joy, and laughter. And I mustn’t forget hummingbirds and gold nail polish.

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    2. Did your website have anything to do with RA, MC, DID, or trauma? What is its URL? Perhaps we can find it using the Wayback Machine at

      Can you look through one or two of my posts and identify keywords? And perhaps suggest keywords I might have included? Does it matter where the keywords are in the post?

      Does it help to put keywords in tags? Can you make a tag that is not exactly verbatim? Is my understanding correct, that tags are seen by the bots that do the searching, but they don’t search categories? I’m not sure what good categories are, since you can search for whatever you want.

      If we talk about this in the comment section, we can educate others. If you prefer to talk back channel, that is fine, too.

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