A New Mind Control Tool

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A New Mind Control Tool

Today I am going to share material from an article that came across my virtual desk. It  briefly describes the development of software that can mimic another person’s voice given a brief sample. The article can be found at

As an example of the use of this technology, anybody could look up a taped speech I gave at a conference, automatically make algorithms from the recording, and then apply them to anything they would like to convert to the pattern of my voice. This would be very helpful if my vocal cords were paralyzed: I could enter what I wanted to say and the application would convert my text into speech that sound just like mine would. Think how happy Stephen Hawking would be!

Somebody could also fake me confessing to crimes I didn’t commit, threatening people, or reinforcing programming in a mind control victim who knew me. The technology is the brain child of Lyrebird – https://lyrebird.ai/ – and is ready for beta testing. They believe that making the technology available to everybody will prevent its misuse, but I really doubt that. It would just mean lots more people “Lyrebirding” people’s voices.

I’m pretty sure that this new technology has been available to programmers well before it was made public. They are probably using it right now to destroy trust between survivors and therapists, “clean” friends, and even acquaintances. The fewer safe contacts a person has, the more control the programmer and handler have.

There is reference to another article – https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/11/adobe-voco-photoshop-for-audio-speech-editing/ – which describes technology that Adobe showed at its 2016 Annual Conference. You can edit speech as easily as you can edit text. Cut and paste, change the meaning, create content. It goes really nicely with the Lyrebird program.

And then, to make things even worse, there is Face2Face – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohmajJTcpNk – software that allows you to change the movements of a person’s facial muscles in a video. You could make the person supposedly speaking display the appropriate lip movements and facial movements expressing emotion. Now you have a convincing video of me, with all my little quirks and tics, saying outlandish things.

It would not be used just for mind control applications, but also for politics and business and feuds between people. It would be very difficult to ferret out the truth about anything and the world would become far more chaotic than it is today. That didn’t seem possible to me last week. It’s more than enough to give me nightmares, and daymares, too.

3 thoughts on “A New Mind Control Tool

  1. Thank You, Jean, for these High tech news about alternative ways to remodel or to suppress reality …
    In the 1st Terminator which is all about A.I (and the Mind Control it embodies in itself), there’s a famous sequence where our dear Robot Arnold was already imitating the savior’s mother’s voice on the phone …
    Glimpses of the future, just like the fantastic & poetic Blade Runner, forerunning our current times …


    1. I don’t see many movies or TV shows because I totally lose my boundaries and think it is actually happening before my eyes. I feel so helpless and frightened. Unfortunately it is only emotions that are triggered and I am not rewarded with any information.

      Yes, reality is imitating art. Unless those in charge of creating MC programs have some reason to allow the information to be publicized. I personally believe that they want many movies in different genres to be out there so that they can say “Oh, she is crazy, she has seen too many movies.” An easy way to discredit us, and they make money,too.


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