svali Speaks Again!

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svali Speaks Again!

I think a lot of you have never heard of svali. She started to write and put her articles up on the Web in the late ’90’s and early 2000’s using the address In 2012 she stopped posting and didn’t answer emails. A lot of people thought she had died, but my little internal voice said that she was okay, just hiding out and staying under the radar. Of course I knew that I might well be wrong, but I clung on to the hope that she was okay. And I am so very happy that my little internal voice was right after all.

Five years is a long time to remember somebody if you have memory problems, which a lot of us do, of course. Many of us are struggling to survive with flashbacks and call backs and relationship problems and substance abuse disorders and not enough money to pay our rent and still eat. So I would not be surprised if only a very few of the people reading my blog know who she is.

It’s easy for me to remember svali because we had a relationship in the early years. I helped edit her first book. And she identified the name of an obscure program I have, for which I will be always grateful. That’s for another blog, though!

From the beginning, svali said that she had been a programmer for the Illuminati. She was willing to share what she knew about the structure of the programming and how to counteract it. Those who read her work and did not consider themselves Illuminati could understand what she wrote and adapt her insights to their own systems. And there were therapists who respected her, learned from her, and spread the word to others.

I did some Googling and found a huge collection of her early blog posts, researched, collected and posted in 2016. I didn’t test all the links, but those that I did all worked. It’s a treasure trove of information!

A few days ago my friend Ellen Lacter ( joyously emailed me and said that svali had written her saying she had a new blog. I was thrilled, as, I am sure, were all the other people Ellen wrote.

svali is Christian and writes from her deep faith. She freely gives testimony to being saved and healed through God. For those of you who are easily triggered by Christian words and concepts, you might try to read only those parts of her articles which describe programming and how to counter it. Or you might ask a friend to read the programming parts to you. Perhaps later you will have worked through the Christian triggers and be able to read everything she wrote.

Here you go then! Take your time and don’t try and read it all at once.

Not that I ever take my own advice about this.



13 thoughts on “svali Speaks Again!

  1. I’m confused. Is that Svali on the you tube video talking about channeling Madeline? Or is it someone else?
    Briana Bee


    1. No, it is somebody whose last name is Soan. Did the svali link lead you here?

      svali is Christian and doesn’t channel. She says she was a high-placed Illuminati programmer and that she has received much healing through her faith.


    1. I think she was saying to look at photos of the child and note her eyes. She seemed to interpret the defect in one of her eyes as an indication that she was special and selected by her family as a sacrifice.


  2. Awesome will read as God saved me miraculously and taught me to deprogram. I was also a programmer. Trained to track treason and recruit Satan’s army for implementation of the new world orda.. but haha I’m gonna bring in a new world haha but for God!!!!!!!!!! He is amazing mighty powerful kind and loving. Nothing like what they programmed us to be..


  3. This is fantastic news. I learned so much from her in the beginning. Thanks so much for passing on the link. Also, since I rarely comment, many thanks for all you do.


  4. Great news Jean! I remember Svali from some of the old yahoo groups. I always felt she was still alive and ok. ✨🤗✨

    Sent from my iPad



  5. I do remember Svali! It is nice to know she’s back. While my spirituality is different I do get a lot out of her blog posts and articles. Thanks, Jeanne.


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