Book Review: A Coloring Book of Healing Images for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

You can read the introduction and order the book through

The year ends on a high note for wonderful RA/MC books!!!

This book was a good five years in the making and it is absolutely gorgeous. The paper is really heavy, so you can use watercolor pencils or pastels as well as crayons and colored pencils. That’s inviting for adult and teens parts as well as child parts, who usually get to do all the coloring. (Not fair!)

The book is designed for all survivors of child abuse, but there are many sections that speak directly to multiplicity and ritual abuse. It’s hoped that it will tap into the immense inner strength and wisdom that survivors possess and to help make these resources recognized at a deeper level, cherished, and celebrated in all aspects of life and self.

There are seventeen chapters, each organized around a theme like safety, self-soothing, separating from the abusers, self-love, and spirituality. The chapters contain a few pages describing the theme, lists of healing ideas, and suggestions for creative activities.

Then come the images themselves, each with a self-affirmation.

The author is Ellen Lacter, who started off as an art therapist and became a clinical psychologist and Certified Play Therapist-Supervisor. She has worked with abused children and adult survivors — many of whom are survivors of ritual abuse — for over thirty years, She is a prolific writer — take a look at all the articles on her webpage. (

Two artists illustrated the book. Robin Baird Lewis has illustrated many children’s books. Her 1982 Canadian classic, Red is Best, has been in print for thirty years. She also, among other things, teaches crafts at children’s camps and paints murals. You can see a small sample of her work at

Art was an integral part of Jen Callow’s healing process from ritual abuse. Today, she creates for self-expression and joy as well as healing and is thrilled to be able to contribute to others’ healing through this book. Jen is also a contributor to Alison Miller’s books, Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control and Becoming Yourself: Overcoming Mind Control and Ritual Abuse. Although she does not currently have a website, this may change in the future.

This review cries out for an illustration, so here’s a page from the chapter on Self-Love. The affirmation for the illustration:

Honoring the Gifts That Come from the Abuse That I Have Endured

Because of my abuse, I have depth, complexity, sensitivity to others, spiritual resources, and wisdom beyond my years.

Robin and Ellen gave permission for you to print out and color it if you think it would advance your healing. Enjoy!

However, I could not figure out how to do this. If you can, please tell us in the comment section. I also uploaded it to my website but I can’t figure out how to download it there, either. Can’t be good at everything, you know. Try this




7 thoughts on “Book Review: A Coloring Book of Healing Images for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

  1. This isn’t a rating for your review. It is a rating for a $40 coloring book. I find that appalling. And there is — well my insiders like to express not learn from a coloring book. Your review is nicely written. This caused so much sadness and disagreement inside our system.


  2. Hi Jean,
    I followed the link from Ellen Lacter’s page, and I thank you for the review. Anybody working out loud for the survivors of RA/MC and SRA are very brave people who have to withstand the storm of reaction from various other sectors of the community.

    As far as download ing your image goes – one option was to simply right click on it, then save that as an image on on your computer. Pretty easy.
    If you want to get all techy, there are places like Picasa and google downloads where you can store your image and then create a link to it, someone can click on it and be taken to the full size image.

    It’s an act of generosity and I thank you.


    1. Some of us are brave, and some are just not very aware. I fall into the latter category — I don’t pay attention to those that are critical. But I thank you very much for your kind words.

      Right click? Would you believe I don’t know how to do that??? But now others know how to do it, thanks to you. And I don’t have to learn! LOL


  3. Dear Mark:

    I am surprised that you have not found this to be a problem in many of the posts here. We are all so embedded in the Judeo-Christian culture.

    In any event, I don’t *expect* anybody to help me. I hope you were not offended if you thought so, If somebody would like to, that is fine, I would appreciate it. You see, I am not very good with computers. I know how to do things with regular html but blogs work entirely differently and I do not find their instructions helpful — sometimes not even intelligeable.


    1. Actually, your posts are usually very humanistic and caring, I like seeing such articles from you. However, honoring abuse in that example from the book sets up a profound negative meaning trapping survivors spiritually in the cult. What values do you really seek? If you prefer to support this, then our values and purposes become completely different.
      I didn’t help just because I’m not helping Lacter and her cultist company to honor cult abuse, obviously. Just wanted to state my position.


  4. When I was reading how this book was supported and lauded by professionals, I had a bad feeling about it and I was right. This book makes a spiritual basis for abuse and makes it important life experience, in accordance with the Occult. This philosophy of good out of evil is the occult way of making life evil, as evil becomes the substance making your life. This is an important issue for the cult and they will use their resources to make you think and live the way of this system. I’m against it with my humanistic way of valuable life.
    You even expect me to tell you how to download this thing. Your blog have been quite good for survivors, except for this accident which just points at our bigger issues. So, no, until people remove the Occult from their spirituality and the cult from our social system, we will not defeat evil.


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