Haiku Monster Speaks

me hungry all night
deep in belly need beauty
me want more haiku
           Haiku Monster

Here is what we have so far. It’s listed by author, in alphabetical order.

We ran in the dark
To find a way to feel
Freedom in the light

Count your lucky stars
In your eyes we don’t exist
Hidden in plain view

You took me away
There is no me left, only we
We continue the fight.

Fighting to survive
Alone together as one
Freedom will be found.

Spinning in our head,
Getting lost within the storms
Locked within your wrath

Sunlight on my face.
Quick! Help! Where am I today?
My blanket meows.

_    _    _
_    _    _    _    _    _    _
I have lost my words

Hey, reclaim your mind!
You know it is possible.
You are your owner!
   die paulines (the Paulines)

Terror consumes me
window opens, wind blows in
Tiny scream is heard

Torn shattered broken
Found hands, arms and heart of love
here is a place for me


The “love” swing harness
clitoral electric shock
butterfly girl flight

7 thoughts on “Haiku Monster Speaks

  1. hi, i just want to say that “die paulines” means “the paulines” (it´s german) and not something with “dying”. it could be mistakable. 😉 best wishes, paulines


  2. Hello,Jean

    Pleased to see your back is feeling better , even if it is taking it`s time.

    If there are other Haikus, should they be posted here, or in the previous thread? (duh, sorry for asking what is probably a very obvious question)


  3. Yup, you missed https://ritualabuse.wordpress.com/2014/06/30/haiku/

    And yup, me and my monster want more..more..more!!!! (He’s a greedy monster.)

    Thanks for asking about my back. It gets better incrementally, day by day, but so slowly I only notice the change when I look back. (Explanation — I had sciatica and stenosis and am just beginning to be able to walk without agony, after over three months.) I have started physical therapy and hope that will speed things up. I am soooo grateful that it doesn’t hurt to sit — I would be in bad shape without this computer.


  4. cool!

    did I miss a post or email where you asked for Haiku????? are you still wanting more???

    (how’s your back and stuff?)

    ani rose


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