Nothing to Say

I have nothing to say.
No words come out of me.
No thoughts forming.
Down in the inside, nothing.

I have nothing to say about my past.
Nothing to say about my future.
No comments on my non-existent likes
And dislikes.
Nothing to say about you
Or them
Or those people over there.

I’m a blank slate
With a blank stare
Looking at a blank sheet of paper.

But some day I’m gonna fucking say it all anyway.

9 thoughts on “Nothing to Say

  1. Do they ever leave you alone…it has been 18 months since they thought I went psychotic…I did not though….thanks for the thoughts.


  2. i’ve thought more on this, and want to say more but probably can’t say enough. For one thing, I can’t wait to hear more from you when you are fucking ready to say it all: all the crud that fucking needs to be said. At the same time, I honor you because you have already said so much that has needed to be said.
    We do all feel this I think… the blank slate… the white canvas waiting….. we could leave it. Or we can paint.
    thanks Jean. forever.


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