The Plural Positivity 4th Annual World Conference (Virtual)

The Plural Association Nonprofit, an international peer-led grassroots organization, offers presentations and meet-ups for Plurals of all kinds, including survivors of RA/MC.

July 15, 7:00 AM Pacific Time to July 17, 7:30 PM Pacific Time
Tickets: $10 – $50 US Dollars
Register at

“…dedicated to empowering Plurals and the idea that more and more people should have access to Plural community experiences.”

“By cultivating community, we want to bring people together. The goal is to empower folks by involving people more in Plural community and what that means. The conference will feature keynote speakers, stage sessions, live Q&A, along with exhibit and speaker booths, live streams, and activities. There will also be reserved time for attendees to hang out in small groups at our virtual meetup tables.”

Description of presentations and meet-up sessions