A Wonderful Conference

I just learned of what looks like a fantastic virtual conference – “The International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference.” It will be on Wednesday, September 21through Friday, September 23, 2022. https://www.traffickingconference.com/

It brings together people from a variety of professions and backgrounds, people who seldom get a chance to talk to each other, learn of each other’s work, and hear others’ points of view. The topics are broad, too, and it’s not all academic.

Do we belong? Damn right! RA is a form of human trafficking. We just don’t usually think of it that way.

It’s a very inclusive event. If you want to rub elbows with researchers, direct service providers, healthcare professionals, lawyers, law enforcement, professors, college students, survivors, artists, advocates, activists, and sex workers, here is your chance. Cost is free to presenters and survivors and between $75 and $250 for others. CEU’s are offered for social work, counseling, marriage and family therapy, chemical dependency, occupational therapy, public health, health education, nursing, law, and the Department of Developmental Disabilities. (Told you it was inclusive!)

If you would like to browse through past presentations, here’s the 2015 schedule  https://www.traffickingconference.com/past-conferences

Proposals for presentations are being accepted until March 31, 2022, and presenters will be notified by April 29, 2022. Research, academic, practitioner, and SURVIVOR SUBMISSIONS  are all welcome.

I hope to submit a proposal – more on that later.

Details on proposal submission are at: https://ritualabuse.files.wordpress.com/2022/02/382d0-presentationsummarysubmissionguidelines.pdf

And how cool is this?

“The Conference Art Committee is looking for thriver artists for the 19th Annual International Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference! A thriver artist is someone who has survived an injustice and used art to persevere and make a difference in other’s lives. We are open to visual, performing, and literary art forms. If you are a thriver artist or know of a thriver artist who would like a virtual exhibit dedicated to their art experience, please email Heather Sloane at heather.sloane@utoledo.edu by March 14, 2022.”

How many people reading this could throw together slides, audio recordings of poems, music, or dance presentations and make Heather Sloane happy?????

How many people would like to sign up as a survivor and see what other artists have to say?????

And would anybody like to join me in a panel discussion of the interface between child trafficking, child pornography, RA, cults, and M/C programming techniques??????

I already have one other person who wants to do it and have two others in mind. We could take it on the road and offer the same presentation at the Infinite Minds conference next February, too.


RA/MC Survivors’ Poetry Reading

The third poetry reading on the 19th went very well. Our three poets were awesome, and so were the poems read by audience members. There will be another reading in June, and I hope lots more after that one.

I haven’t come down from the high yet, and it shows through in my writing about this conference. I’m also pleased with how far I have come since the first reading, which terrified me. I have learned that I make far fewer mistakes than I anticipate and that when I do goof, it’s not the end of the world. It just adds a human touch!


Upcoming Holidays

2/21 (?) Presidents’ Day/Washington’s birthday
2/25 Walpurgis Day

3/1 Shrove Tuesday/ Mardi Gras
3/1 St David’s Day (patron saint of Wales)
3/2 Ash Wednesday/beginning of Lent
3/1 St. Eichstadt’s Day
3/17 St. Patrick’s Day (patron saint of Ireland)
3/18 Full Moon
3/21 Spring Equinox

4/1 April Fool’s Day
4/8 Day of the Masters
4/10 Palm Sunday
4/14 Maundy Thursday (commemoration of the Last Supper)
4/15 Good Friday
4/16 Holy Saturday
4/16 Full Moon
4/17 Easter Sunday

Dates Important to Nazi and Neo-Nazi groups

3/17-18 Purim (Deliverance of the Jewish people from Haman in Persia)
4/15-4/23 Passover/Pesach (Celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt.)

(NOTE: Not all groups meet on Jewish holidays. Some groups also mark Candlemas, Beltane, Lammas, Halloween, the solstices, and the equinoxes.)


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