I had a really fun idea. Let’s make a collection of haiku about ritual abuse, mind control, and healing. Especially healing!

You can put your haiku in the comments section and every so often I will collect them and make a new post with all of them. Then you can add still more in the comments section. When we get 1,000, (or maybe a little earlier) we can think of publishing them. At that point, we can ask for 1,000 illustrations. Whoohoo, what a book that would be!

The traditional haiku has no title. It has 17 syllables, consisting of:

A line of 5 syllables
A line of 7 syllables
A final line of 5 syllables

The lines don’t have to rhyme, but they can if you want.

Variations on the length of lines, the total number of syllables, and even the number of lines are acceptable. Some of these variations carry different names in Japanese. It’s not important to know those names — it’s just important to know that you don’t have to be rigid about it.

Many haiku refer to nature and are concrete, conjuring up sights, sounds, or smells. There often is a change of point of view in the middle of the poem.

I’ll get us started.

Sunlight on my face.
Quick! Help!  Where am I today?
My blanket meows.

P.S. Riffing off my  6/10/14  poem:

_    _    _    _    _
_    _    _    _    _    _    _
I have lost my words

Night Winds

The wind rattles the windows,

Roars down the chimney,

Tears branches off trees.

I feel at one with it.

I too am destructive.


Another night, the wind

Comes through my bedroom window

Ruffling the hair on my arms and head.

Its gentleness reproaches me and I cry

Out of guilt and longing.

Child of Truth

If somebody knows how to do a ping-back, could you please teach me? I wanted to do a ping-back of this wonderful poem, but couldn’t figure out how. It’s from http://cherishfreedom.wordpress.com/2014/01/02/child-of-truth/

Child of Truth

To the children born to darkness
To the slaves waiting to be set free
To the ones holding on for dear life
Wondering if there’s hope anywhere at all
To the ones who’ve seen the lies
Since the days you were so small
They smile as they hurt
They tell you not to cry or you’ll be next
The hypocrisy, they put your Creator into your pain
They turn your tormentors into your saviors
Yet you still see the truth
Their world is lies, and you’ve always known
Listen to me, Listen, Child of Truth,
I thought there was no hope for me too
But you are not a slave, I am not a slave
And we are right, the world we were born into
is LIES, all LIES
And you are beautiful
And smart
And amazing
And your Creator smiles
At your questions
The questions that bring you punishment now
Will bring you freedom, Child of Truth
Don’t give up,
Don’t Die!
I am waiting for you!
There are many of us
Though we feel so alone
We will expose all their secrets
And freedom will be ours
Creator gave us a gift
To see through their lies
To shine light on their secrets
And bring freedom to the slaves
The generations coming after us,
Waiting for us, Waiting for Hope
Waiting for a hand to reach out to them
We have to survive this, Child of Truth
It hurts so bad we want to die, but we won’t
We won’t because Creator gave us a mission
We are going to free the slaves
Slaves, like we once were
We will be free one day, free for good
And we will bring hope to the others
I need you
They need you
Please don’t die
Stay with me
We will expose this together

(Jan 2, 2014)