Long Weekends

Upcoming Satanic and Nazi holidays    
Please note that Satanic sects build the year around pagan holidays Christian holidays, and major secular holidays. It is the Neo-Nazi groups that defile Jewish holidays.
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8/18 (Satanic and some Nazi)  Full Moon: 8/15 (Satanic) Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: sundown 8/13 to sundown 8/14 (Nazi) Tisha B’Av: (Day of Mourning): 9/1 (Nazi) Start of WW 2:  9/5 (Satanic) Labor Day (US and Canada):  9/5 – 9/7 (Satanic) Marriage to the Beast:  9/7 (Satanic) Feast of the Beast:  9/16 (Satanic) Full Moon:  9/17 (Nazi) Hitler’s alternate half-birthday:  9/20 – 9/21 (Satanic) Midnight Host:  9/22 (Satanic and Nazi) Fall Equinox

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I’ve always hated long weekends and never known why. Labor Day, sure, school was about to start. But I liked school. So I thought I just disliked Labor Day because all of the other kids didn’t want to go to school and start a new grade. I really wanted to fit in.

Now that I know a little bit more about myself, I get it. Look at the list for 2016:

January 1      New Years’ Day
January 15      Presidents’ Day
May 30   Memorial Day
July 4   Independence Day
September 5, 2016   Labor Day
October 10   Columbus Day
November 11   Veterans’ Day
November 24   Thanksgiving
December 25   Christmas

(I think that the Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand have more than the US does.)

New Years’ Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are probably celebrated by all Satanic cults. The others, I don’t know for sure. It’s confusing to me because several of those days had different names when I was a kid. It’s also confusing because we were at war and they created holidays for major military events  – D-Day, V-E Day, V-J Day. Those holidays were consolidated and forgotten by the next generation. So I have no personal experience with Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, or Veterans’ Day.

There are nine long weekends in the year. If the they were spread out, which they aren’t, there would be an almost six week break between long weekends. Satanist have a full six week break between their eight major holidays. And Satanists’ holidays can occur on week days as well as weekends. So there is even more time on long weekends than on Satanic holidays for doing whatever it is they do.

My cult was very conservative: they prided themselves on following  the traditional English rites. Only Christmas was included as a Satanic “religious” holiday. But I have bad feelings about all four-day weekends. I have verbal and visual memories of Thanksgiving but only feelings about the others.

Because my cult was so conservative, I believe there were no ceremonies on these “lay” holidays. It was just a time to party, and party they did. It was also a time when we children were sent off to other groups to entertain them. We had rehearsed our acts for months and had them pretty well down. But because we were performing live, there were always surprises, and the real thing was far far worse than the rehearsals.

I am sure that other cults observe these long weekends differently from mine. I don’t know what others did back then, but I’m pretty sure that none of them let them go by unnoticed. Networking? Business deals? Using the occasion to turn the meaning the weekend upside down and have it be “religious”? Or just partying, like mine did? Whatever it was, it wasn’t fun or relaxing.

Do any of you know that your perpetrators did on those weekend? If you do, would you like to share it with the rest of us in the Comments section? Thanks so much!