A Drug That Restores Memory in Mice!

November was a difficult month, what with the deaths of people I cared about, some revelations I wasn’t real happy to get, and the things that are relentlessly going on in the world. So I set myself a challenge.

In December, I will write three blog posts about things that make me hopeful and happy. I am also going to spend ten minutes a day making a little corner of my home prettier. In November, if I were in a relatively good mood, I would have said cleaner, or less cluttered. If I were in a bad mood, I would have said less ugly. And if I were in a terrible mood, I would have said a little less hideous. No more! Three weeks of prettiness, not one day of less hideousness. 

Since smiling is supposed to release feel-good hormones, I will smile whenever I remember to, whether I feel like it or not. We’ll see if it makes any difference!

Today’s beautifying project is to put away the clean dishes and put the dirty ones in the dishwasher. If that doesn’t take the full ten minutes, I shall wash two frying pans.

On to the blog post!


I came across this article:

“Drug Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Decline within Days.” https://medicalxpress.com/news/2020-12-drug-reverses-age-related-cognitive-decline.html

It is a summary of “Small Molecule Cognitive Enhancer Reverses Age-Related Memory Decline in Mice.” by Karen Krukowski et al., eLife https://elifesciences.org/articles/62048

Now mind you, this study was done on mice, not humans. Still, mice are similar enough to humans to make this research terribly exciting. 

There is a quality control mechanism that shuts down the protein-forming ability of cells infected with a virus or containing a cancer-inducing mutation. This substance is called “integrated stress response” (ISR), and the substance that blocks ISB is called ISRIB, which stands for ISR InhiBitor. Blocking the production of protein is great until the virus is cleared or the cell with the mutation dies. If the mechanism is stuck in the working position, cells become dysfunctional.

Back to the mice.

About five years ago, the researchers had given ISRIB to mice with traumatic brain injuries. After a few days, the mice regained normal brain function! They were back to running mazes like healthy mice instead of stumbling around. making the same mistakes over and over again or quitting altogether.

The symptoms of traumatic brain injury look very much like the symptoms of normal aging. So why not give ISRIB to a group of aged mice matched with a group that didn’t receive ISRIB? Guess what? The ISRIB group did as well as young mice after one or two days. Three weeks later, they gave both groups a new challenge. Guess what? The ISRIB group still acted like young mice! And the group that didn’t get ISRIB still acted like old mice.

The researchers were getting really excited. They had already studied the effects of ISRIB in the restoration of memory function months after traumatic brain injury, the reversal of cognitive impairments in Down Syndrome, the reversal of noise-related hearing loss, fighting certain types of prostate cancer, and even enhancing cognition in healthy animals. They came up with a list of additional conditions that might respond to ISRIB. It included Alzheimer’s, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s, Mad Cow Disease, and, of course, age-related cognitive decline.

They didn’t limit their studies to neurons. The immune system shows the same kind of age-related dysfunction as the brain does. It turns out that ISRIB resets T-cells the same way it resets neurons. These days we need every T-cell we can get our hands on!

I’m also getting excited about things that are not on their list – namely, all the little quirks of cognition and memory associated with dissociation. Could ISRIB help with the rapid fading of memories, the lack of memories of childhood, the lack of memories of traumatic events, and the inability to recall names, faces, or dates? How about anxiety, depression, flashbacks, and nightmares? How about memory-sharing between alters? My mind is spinning with exciting ideas!

ISRIB sure sounds like a miracle drug to me. I’m aware that it probably won’t be available for human trials in my lifetime. If it is, I’ll be the first to volunteer. I bet, though that it will be available to my children and grandchildren. I know that some of those reading this post are younger than my children, perhaps even younger than my grandchildren. It makes me very happy to think that ISRIB may become available and may prove to be of benefit to you.


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* Remember my post on Pornhub?

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