Targeted Individuals and Gang Stalking

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~~~~~ (Ritual Abuse, Ritual Crime, and Healing) is receiving more and more requests for help with being targeted and with being a victim of gang stalking. I know very little about these issues and have only a few web pages to offer.

I’m reluctant to plunge in and educate myself because it is a HUGE project covering many different areas. I don’t even have the time or energy to do all the things I am already committed to. I just can’t take on anything that big. To be honest, I shouldn’t take on anything new right now, no matter how small!

I’ll share what little I do know and point you to some resources.

Definitions: “Targeted Individuals” or “TI’s” are people who are being attacked using electromagnetic waves and other technological devices to make them hear noises and voices, to make them sick, or to cause pain. These devices are sometimes called psychotronics. “Gang Stalking” is a coordinated attack by multiple people to ruin a person’s life by spreading rumors, destroying possessions, hacking computers, and making them feel powerless and appear crazy.

People from all over the world and from all walks of life report being attacked in these ways. Few can see any reason for being attacked. Even fewer identify as survivors of ritual abuse or government mind control. The mystery – “Why me?” – nags at them constantly.

Nobody has an answer as to why some people are chosen and others not. Perhaps there is a reason they are completely unaware of, and the attack is an effort to prevent them from becoming a threat to the abusers. Perhaps people are being trained in the use of these devices and techniques and picking victims at random. Perhaps they are simply sadistic and getting off on it. I simply don’t know.

I surfed for a long time among the hundreds of sites on TI’s and gang stalking.

Websites that give advice on how to keep your belief in your sanity are highly recommended; they offer much-needed hope. I also like sites that offer numerous links to articles and other websites, inviting you to choose and form your own opinion.

Be careful with forums and message boards, for surely they are heavily infiltrated. If you post about your situation, you are simply giving them information to use against you. They also tend to amplify fear and despair. I also caution against any site that claims it has the whole truth and everybody else is wrong. Keep firmly in touch with your own common sense.

Here are some websites that offer a good place to start exploring

(Note: Many websites listed are no longer in existence. Of these, a large percentage have been archived and can be accessed at Just type the url into the WayBack Machine and choose a year with many entries.)

Targeted Individuals 101 – This is probably the most useful website that I came across. It gives practical advice on how to protect yourself from these attacks and It also lists thousands of webpages and blogs. 

Democratic Fundamentalism: Standing up for the Fundamental Principles of Democracy – A matter-of-fact page with links to other informative websites.

Targeted Individuals: Freedom of thoughts, beliefs, opinions, expressions – A very well-organized website with links to books, blogs, other websites, and videos.

Mind Justice – Many links to books and articles about non-lethal weapons and their use.

I hope none of you ever need this information, but if you do, it’s good to know there are resources on the Internet.


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