Lots of Problems to Share

Upcoming Holidays
9/29 Michaelmas (?)

10/5 Full Moon

10/13 Backwards Halloween

10/13 Friday the Thirteenth

10/22 – 10/29 Preparation for All Hallows’ Eve
10/31 Halloween/Samhain/All Hallows Eve

11/S Full Moon

11/3 Satanic Revels

11/23 Thanksgiving
Important dates in Nazi groups
10/16 Death of Rosenburg
10/19 Death of Goering

10/20 Hitler’s half-birthday

11/9 Kristallnacht

11/11 Veteran’s Day: Armistice, 1918

Lots of Problems to Share

Computer problems. My cat jumped on the keyboard and up came the screen asking for my computer password. I didn’t know it because my daughter had changed it and didn’t change it back. She didn’t remember it either. So I thought I would reboot it and see if the normal screen came up.

Turned the computer off, but no matter how long I held the on/off button, it didn’t start, the screen just stayed black. Checked all the plugs, blah blah. Called Apple tech service, who had me do all the things I had just done and then said it was hardware and I should bring it in.

Without my best buddy I had nothing to do except clean house, which is not much fun but it is sorely needed.

The next day I made my coffee as usual and sat sadly looking at the black screen. I nostalgically started playing with the keyboard, caressing the buttons that make up such a large part of my life. Guess what! The computer came to life and gave me my normal start page.

So I was wrong. It wasn’t that I couldn’t turn it on, it was that I couldn’t turn it off. Even when I unplugged it for a minute. Bizarre, huh? My energy field has always broken things and now it went and fixed something. I am baffled and grateful.

Eye problems. I went to Nashville where my daughter, son-in-law, and their two kids had rented a little house in the path of the eclipse’s totality. We did a bit of sightseeing and went to the Johnny Cash museum. On the day of the eclipse everything was perfect. A cloudless sky, lovely warm weather, a lawn to sit on, protective glasses. And my daughter had made several different pieces of equipment to look at the changing image of the eclipse through a pinhole. Way cool.

I knew how awesome (in the original sense of the word) totality is because I had seen other eclipses. But this time I saw a blurry ring of light, all fuzzy, a dark ring, and then another blurry ring with a dark center. Like a little donut inside a big one. Wearing glasses didn’t help, shutting one eye and then the other didn’t help. I was devastated.

Figured it had to be my cataracts and it was time for them to go. I made the first appointment to start the process.

I am thrilled at the thought of having 20/20 vision for the first time in my life, but terrified of having somebody slice open my eyeballs.

Temperature problems. For two days, San Francisco was officially a record 104 degrees. My apartment, on the top floor, was more like 112, 115. I drank a lot of water, and was fine, except I had zero energy. The cats, who normally sleep under the covers, were lying stretched out on their sides like lions. I tried to rub them down with a wet washcloth, but they didn’t like it. They ran away and found another place to flop.

Ant problems. There are little groups of ants here and there. Teeny ones. On my plants. In the bathroom. Underneath my coffee pot. No matter what I do, they are back in a couple of days. I hate killing them, but they don’t leave when I ask nicely. I hate the feeling of ants on my arm and I hate imagining them in my hair. I am very grateful they do not bite.

I think that’s enough problems for now.