Running from Weirdness

This is the weirdest thing that I have experienced in a very long time. 

Okay, the other day I was lying in bed in the middle of the night. I was thinking some very strange things and I said to myself that I better stop thinking about them or I never would get back to sleep again. But I couldn’t stop. I thought I might be dreaming, but the thoughts were much too coherent for a dream. I finally got up and went to the bathroom and my mind cleared and I fell into a dreamless sleep.

I didn’t write it down immediately, so I have forgotten a few parts, but I remember almost all of it. That is odd because my dreams usually fade as I wake up and are completely gone by the time I get out of bed.

There were four main characters, a young single mother, her son, a dog, and a postman. The mother wasn’t me, but she was the person I most identified with. She did the worrying for everybody.

The woman was getting ready to take her two-year-old out for a walk. She picked up her jacket but dropped it before she could put it on. When she turned to pick it up, she saw it was in a plastic bag, one like dry cleaners use, and that the dress she had worn the day before was also in the bag. Bewildered, she checked to see what she was wearing and it was a different dress, the dress she had put on that morning. She looked at her baby and found he was now a four-year-old. The boy said, “Let’s go!” So she put on her jacket, took his hand, and…

noticed that the window was missing. And the door. And the floor. They were floating in mid-air. “This is really weird,” she thought. Somehow she managed to get outside, holding the little boy’s hand tightly. She noticed that her shoes were missing. “I’ll get them,” the child said. He went back to get them and she waited quite a long time. He came back and gave her the shoes – yellow sandals. She put them on and turned to give him her hand, but he wasn’t there.

Panicked, she looked around. He had run on ahead and was lying on the ground, not moving, with a large dog standing over him. She ran toward him and her shoes fell off and she lost them again. She was sure he was dead, that the dog had killed him. It was her fault, she hadn’t been holding his hand. Her baby, and now he was dead. She started to cry.

When she got near him, he sat up. He smiled at her and said, “Don’t cry, I’m all right.” The dog said, “We are friends.” “Yes,” the boy said, “we are friends.” She was so relieved that she sat down next to him, gave him a big hug, and patted the dog. The dog said, “Now we are friends, too.” She thought a talking dog was a bit weird, but she was so happy she didn’t care.

They sat there a while, the three of them, talking and playing. Then she decided they had better get further away from the weird place that had been their home. She got up and said, “Let’s go.” “Can he come, too? asked the boy.”If he wants to.” “Of course I want to be with my friends, not all alone.” said the dog. The three of them started walking quickly away from the weird place.

After a while, they saw other people walking or, if they could, running, in the same direction. She asked where they were going but they were all out of breath and they looked very scared and they didn’t answer. She figured they were running from the weirdness. She didn’t run because she didn’t have any shoes and running would hurt her feet.

After a while, they came to a four-lane road. Two lanes were jammed with traffic going away from the weird place and there were no cars in the two lanes going toward it. She thought the traffic would go faster if the cars used all four lanes. After a while, three cars pulled off onto the shoulder of the road. The drivers got out and asked if she was okay and asked if they needed a ride. The two of them were welcome, but they didn’t want to take the dog. They imagined him sitting in the back seating drooling and didn’t want him to mess up their car. 

Since the dog was their friend, she said, “No thank you, we are fine.” The people got back in their cars, merged into the traffic and the three of them kept walking. After a while, they got tired of the smell of the cars and took a small road that led into a street that was parallel to the road. There was nobody else on the street.

They walked a long, long time and got very tired and hungry and thirsty. They found a shady place under a tree and sat down to rest. 

The woman noticed two houses on a little hill. She told her son and the dog to stay there and she would try and get some food and water. She went up to the first house and rang the doorbell. An old woman came to the door and shouted, “What do you want?” When the woman told her that they were hungry and thirsty, the old woman shouted, “I am not going to open my door to you and I am not giving you any of my food or water.” 

The woman thought she was scared. Maybe she knew about the weirdness and was hiding in her house. So she said, “I am sorry I bothered you,” and went to the next house. There, nobody answered the bell. 

She peered in the window. She saw that things in the house were disappearing. First a chair, then a table, then a lamp, then the ceiling. She got scared and went back to the tree with nothing to give the hungry child and the dog.

She sat downed and burst into tears. The weirdness was moving as fast as they were – they wouldn’t be able to run fast enough to get away from it. The little boy crawled into her lap and hugged her and the dog put his head on her leg. She felt a little better.

Just then a postman came up. He had been delivering letters to the two houses. He asked why she was crying and the boy told him. “She is crying because we are hungry and she tried to get food and water and she couldn’t get any for us.”

The postman said, “Oh, you are hungry? Stay here, I will be right back.’

He came back with a tray with meat and potatoes and plates and knives and forks. All three thanked him and the mother started eating with a knife and fork and the boy started eating with his hands and the dog ate with his mouth. There was also water to drink and two glasses and a bowl.

When they had finished, the postman gathered up the plates and put them on the tray. The boy said, “Where is dessert?” The postman said,”I will be right back.” He took away the dishes and came back with dessert on the tray.

The dessert was little ice cream pies. The boy picked up one, broke it in two, ate the part in his left hand, and gave the other half to the dog. The dog ate it and sat there looking at the other pies. When they had finished the pies, the dog said, “That was good. But why did you always eat your half before you gave me mine?”

There was no logical answer, so the woman said, “Maybe it has something to do with hands. He used his hands to break them in half.” The dog said, “I want hands.” The boy took off the dog’s paws, then took off his hands and put them on the dog’s front legs. He then put the paws on his arms. He asked the postman if they could have some more dessert. The postman said, “Of course!”

First, the dog gave the woman a whole pie. Then he broke one in half, ate his half, and gave the other half to the boy. The dog did this with all the other pies. When they were all gone, he said, “I am very full.” The boy said, “Me too.” The woman said she was also full, too, and thanked the postman once again. The postman said that it made him very happy to be able to give them a good meal. 

He picked up the dishes and left. The dog and the boy traded hands and paws. At first, the boy put his hands on upside down. His mother told him to take them off and turn them around before he put them back on. The boy was a little worried that the hands might have gotten stuck but they came off easily and he put them on the right way. Then he put the paws back on the dog. Now the boy had human hands again and the dog had doggie paws again.

They rested a little while and then got up and resumed fleeing the weirdness. They didn’t know where they were going but they did know they didn’t want to be back there.

~~~~~~~~ ~~

These are some things I learned from the “dream:”

You can run from weirdness but you can’t hide from it. Get used to it!

The world is very weird because of the pandemic. Some days it feels like my front door has disappeared. 

There are nice people in the world! And in my dreams! Three nice people and a nice dog. Even more, counting the nice drivers in the cars who stopped to see if they could help.

Mean people are often scared people.

You can see how far you have come in your journey but you have no idea where you are going.

If you want to meet a postman with dessert, take a side street.


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