I’ve been so conscientious about posting on this blog – three posts a month, rain or shine, whether I wanted to or not. I only missed a couple, and, in my mind, I made up for that by posting extra animal videos.

But now I just don’t want to write anything and I have decided I won’t. I have also decided that skipping one – or maybe (gasp!) even two posts – doesn’t make me irresponsible or uncaring or an over-all bad person. It just means I want a break and there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with a few chocolates, while I am at it.

I hope you all stay safe over Christmas and New Year’s Eve and Day. I will be back definitely in early January, perhaps a few days earlier.

I wish myself a meditative and nourishing break, and I wish that 2020 is happier and less stressful for all of us than all the years that have preceded it.

12 thoughts on “Self-Indulgence?

  1. Good for you for taking care of yourself and thanks for sharing your self-dialogue. I was feeling stressed and decided to close my Etsy shop and chill to take care of myself. Good decision!

    My wish for both of us and all survivors is to try and be as good to ourselves as is possible. Now, at this later stage in my recovery, it’s becoming easier to treat myself with the same care with which I treat others.


    1. I didn’t know you had an Etsy shop! If you reopen it, will you tell me?

      Yes, we are just as deserving of care as anybody else in the world. And does it ever take us long enough to figure that out!


  2. We’re cheering you on!! We hope you have a safe healthful break as well!! We can hear our T right now so LJ wants to say to you what he would be saying to us right now “Good for you!!! I support that!!” Lol 🙂


    1. And I support your T! I did stay safe, even though I was afraid of falling on the snow the whole time. Breaking a hip 250 miles fromnowhere would not have been fun.


  3. Jean I enjoy reading your blogs and mean to comment more but mostly can’t get myself to do so. I totally understand your need to skip now and then…and even more than now and then if need be! You have given so much information and personal experience and insight. Thank you! And best wishes for rest, peace and self indulgences until you write again.


    1. I took off 8 days more than I planned to, but I feel totally okay about it. Writing while sleep-deprived is almost impossible. Now on to the chocolates…

      There is no need to reply, no need to push yourself. I’m glad you are finding the blog helpful, and knowing that is more than enough for me.


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