The Next Entry Will Be Late

I had planned to tell you all about the wonderful conference I went to but I just kearned that there has been a death in the family. Depending how I feel afterwards, I will either post it late or skip the 2/10 post entirely.

Meanwhile, here are two reminders of antholgies that are seeking submissions.


Anthology of Accounts of Difficulty Finding a Therapist

Jade Miller writes:

American friends: I’m working on a new project and wanted to see if anyone is interested in taking part.

What I’d like to do is highlight the need for trauma-informed care in America. I’d like all who are willing, to email me the story of their search to find a therapist that can help them with dissociation, DID, personality disorder in general, or (C-) PTSD. If you did eventually find one, please tell me how long it took. If you haven’t been able to, please tell me that.

I’m setting up a site where I will post those stories – with permission, (because that’s the point of this project) so please don’t send me a story you don’t want me to share. I can withhold your name if you prefer to be anonymous…make sure you tell me that.

I haven’t (in 4 years of trying) figured out yet how to change the education requirements in America for those who want to become therapists/ psychologists… but I have an email and I’m not afraid to use it. 😉 I will send a story a week to someone in a position of authority, asking if they know how to change this situation. Sometimes it might be the dean of a major college. Sometimes it might be someone on one of the licensing boards. SURELY if I throw enough rocks I’ll hit something good!

If you’re interested, I set up a separate email for this so that they don’t get lost in my “Talk to J8” email. It’s
You can read Jade’s post “Pregnancy and Loss in Ritual Abuse” at and a review of her first “Dear Little Ones” book at


Anthology of Accounts of Forced Abortion, Sacrifice, or Forced Adoption of Babies

This project was inspired by people writing in the comments section expressing their sense of isolation, of feeling all alone and unheard, and of deep grief after being robbed of their baby.

I am therefore trying to put together an anthology of prose, poetry, and artwork by women who have been impregnated in a cult setting and lost their child through forced abortion, sacrifice, or forced adoption. Submissions by partners, friends, therapists and another allies are also welcome.

Except for very minor edits, the accounts will be written just as submitted. I want everything to be in your words, not in mine. I’ll let you know if I make any changes.

Please use a pen name. I, as the editor, will use one, too. Please make sure you, your perpetrator, and the group which abused you cannot be identified. If you have trouble being true to your truth without identifying the group, I will be glad to help you work around the problem.

Even if you have not been abused this way, could you spread the word and tell all your survivor friends, therapists, pastors, etc. about the project? Thank you so much!

You can contact me through the comments section or at for more information. I also have a post office box now if you would rather write me. If you are submitting a piece, remember to give me a way to get back to you, as there is paperwork to allow me to use your writing.

Thank you!

RA Projects
PO Box 14276
4304 18th St.
San Francisco CA 94114


Upcoming Holidays

2/14 Valentine’s Day
2/18 President’s Day/Washington’s Birthday
2/19 Full moon
2/25 Walpurgis Day

3/1 St. Eichstadt’s Day
3/5 Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras
3/6 Ash Wednesday/Beginning of Lent
3/17 Str Patrick’s Day
3/20 Full moon
3/20 Spring Equinox
3/24 Feast of the Beast/Bride of Satan

4/1 April Fool´s Day
4/8 Day of the Masters
4/14 Palm Sunday
4/19 Full moon
4/19 Good Friday
4/20 Holy Saturday
4/21 Easter Sunday
4/26 Grand Climax/De Meur
4/30 Walpurgisnacht/May Eve

Dates Important to Nazi and Neo-Nazi groups
4/19 – 4/27 Passover/Pesach (Deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt)
4/20 Hitler´s actual birthday
4/21 Hitler’s alternative birthday ((Note: Hitler was born on Easter, so Nazis celebrate his actual birthday and half-birthday on 4/20 and 10/20. His alternate birthday is celebrated on Easter of the current year and his alternate half-birthday six months later.)
4/30 Anniversary of Hitler’s death

(NOTE: Not all groups meet on Jewish holidays. Some groups also mark Candlemas, Beltane, Lammas, Halloween, the solstices and the equinoxes)

6 thoughts on “The Next Entry Will Be Late

  1. How about a book or website, with former victims relating the things that happened to them. Authentic accounts are important and will sound authentic. A lot of supposed SRA survivor videos have contradictions in them. There is a lot of fraud out there to discredit the subject as a whole.
    I finished Brice Taylor’s book, “Starshine” that she wrote while seeking treatment and recovering.She tells about how she first started having flashbacks and what she went thru to recover. A lot of insights in it. she was a high level government “tool” that dishes a lot of dirt in how things work in secret circles. she uses different names for the people involved because at the time, she was not sure of how far she could or should go.She then went on to write her huge book, “Thanks for the Memories.” she uses real names in that book.


    1. That would be a great book. There is Ani Rose Whaleswan’s “We Have Come Far” – an anthology about RA survivor’s healing. And I don’t know of a website that is a collection of pple’s stories. But I absolutely can’t take on another single project.

      But you could do it!!!! I bet a lot of blog readers would pitch in.


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