SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) Has a Wonderful Idea!!

SNAP’s conference, which is for those abused by all clergy, not just priests, is going to live video stream the main conference speakers on YouTube beginning on Friday, July 6th at 7 PM and ending on Sunday, July 8.

It’s a wonderful way to build community and reach put to those who live too far away to attend the conference. I hope that many other organizations are inspired to do the same.

Speakers include: Gustavo Arellano Miranda,  Marek Lisinski,  Steven Spaner,  Pamela Spees, Juan Carlos Cruz,  Victor Vieth, Tom Doyle, Torah Bontrager, Chrissie Foster, Jodi Hobbs, Rachel Grant, and Guila Benchimol.

Invitations and links to the speakers will be sent to SNAP’s mailing list on July 5 and 6. If you aren’t on their list, contact SNAP at and ask to be added.

Since the conference is in Chicago, I assume that means it is 7 PM CDT. To find the time where you live, check

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