About Breeders in Satanic Cults

I’ve been asked to write about the use of girls and women as “breeders” in Satanic cults and what happens to their babies. Since I have no personal experience with this,  I reached out to a fellow survivor who shared her story for publication in the blog.

Some breeders are used to continue the bloodline of important cult members. Some of these babies are raised by their grandparents while others are given to other cult families to raise, perhaps as a reward for service well done. Babies from important bloodlines are not considered expendable and will never be sacrificed or killed by mistake in the process of programming. They are, after all, royalty.

Other breeders produce children who are expendable. Their fetuses or full-term babies are used in sacrifices.  (Occasionally a pregnant woman will be sacrificed.) Older children are killed as a lesson in programming others. “This is what will happen to you if you tell.” “Never care about somebody because you will be made to kill them.” “See how evil you are? You are truly one of us.”

Part of the programming can be to allow the mother to bond to the baby, believing that the child will live and she will be allowed to raise it. Either the baby is taken from the mother, and she never learns what happened to it, or she is made to witness or cause the child’s death.

I have heard of a few happy endings, not many. A couple of woman have been reunited with their daughters after decades. And one brave woman I knew, at the age of seventeen, escaped the cult, gave birth, and managed to protect and raise her child. That, to me, is a true miracle.


Here is what my friend wrote me:

I would like to  share a little of my personal experience, if I may.

Looking back, I can say I was a breeder. I did not know the term breeder at the time though I did know by the second baby that there was something different about me. My first baby, at the age of 13, was induced to be born on Christmas Eve. The birth took place in a barn where rituals were held during bad weather. Usually they were held in a secluded wooded area.

I was given a nasty tasting liquid and almost immediately experienced stomach cramps which seemed to go on forever. There were many people from the cult surrounding me, chanting. I remember feeling so scared but not really knowing what was happening…no one explained what was going on, just that something special was going to happen. (I was a naive 13…I went to Catholic schools k-12 and sex and the reproductive system were not discussed as far as I recall. When I started to menstruate I had no idea what was happening. My mother gave me a booklet to read which was very vague).

I was very groggy from being heavily drugged. When the baby came they had me hold it and told me that was my baby girl. At that moment the pieces started to fit together and I realized I had just had a baby. I was heavily drugged again – everything was blurry and trance-like. I was told to get up. I was hurting so bad but made it up (I was on like a bed of hay or straw). They led me to an altar where the baby was laying naked. I started to cry because I knew what came next, I had seen it before. I must have fainted and they drugged me again. Everything was still blurry. They put a large knife in my hand and told me it was time. I went up to the altar where my baby girl was laying naked and crying. They said ”You must give to Satan what is his, NOW!” and I stabbed the baby again and again until it stopped crying. Since it was Christmas Eve I believe this was a ritual to symbolize the killing of the baby Jesus.

This is the first time I have ever put this down on paper. I am getting very sad and tired. The guilt is so strong. I know it was not my fault…I was programmed to do it but it will never be something I can ever forget.

I had became pregnant through incest and planned rape from other cult members. Many of the rapes were taped and used for child pornography purposes. This happened two more times when I had girls and was made to sacrifice them. I was 14 and 15. When I was 17 I had a baby boy. He was whisked away and I never saw him again.

I never got pregnant again …ever.

I moved to another state when I was 19. The cult thought I was so well programmed that I would return by age 31 or sooner. I ended up in a hospital’s Dissociative Unit 2 months before I was to go back for Thanksgiving…I was 30. I spent 6 months in that hospital.

I’ve been in therapy for the last 30 years. I am 59 years old and still in therapy.

It is such an unthinkable practice and so many people think it is all fabricated. Why would we make up such horrendous stories? I would give anything for this to have never happened…to have a different life with children I could love and cherish. It is such a burden to have these memories. It is such a struggle to want to live…what is the point? I hang on to the words of my therapist that by speaking out I am helping to end these horrors. I don’t know how but I must just believe it is so.


Upcoming Holidays

3/1 Full Moon
3/20 Spring Equinox
3/24 Feast of the Beast/Bride of Satan
3/25 Palm Sunday
3/30 Good Friday/Death of Jesus Christ
3/31 Full Moon (Blue Moon)
4/1 Easter Sunday
4/1 April Fool’s Day
4/8 Day of the Masters
4/10 Full Moon
4/16 – 4/23 Grand Climax/Da Meur/ (Preparation for sacrifice in some Satanic sects}
4/30 Walpurgisnacht/May Eve
5/1 Beltane/May Day/ Labour Day in Europe
5/13 Mothers’ Day
5/28 Memorial Day
5/29 Full moon

Dates important to Neo-Nazi groups
1/30 Hitler named Chancellor of Germany
4/20 Hitler’s birthday (Note: Hitler was born on Easter, so Nazis celebrate his actual birthday, 4/20, and Easter of the current year. His alternate birthday is 4/1 this year.)
4/30 Anniversary of Hitler’s death
(Some groups also mark Candlemas, Beltane, Lamas, Halloween, solstices, equinoxes, and full moons.)


19 thoughts on “About Breeders in Satanic Cults

    1. I’m so sorry. I can’t believe how many of this blog readers have had the same experience…after all these years and the the survivors I have met and so few even mentioned it. It seems like one of the last taboos.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experience it helps me fill in missing pieces of my experiences and helps me have more self-compassion as I feel my compassion for you. I had at least one child and possibly more, there is a lot of confusion about that re repressed memories that came up in a disjointed way.

    I am very sorry you had to experience the trauma—I am sorry all of us did. There has been comfort for me throughout my long recovery in knowing that I am not alone.

    Thank you again for sharing some of your story.

    And thanks to you Jean for the topic.


    1. Wendy, I was asked to write about it. So I did. And I asked Doris if she would like to write part of it. and she did.

      It’s awful that so many survivors had this done to them. I hope if it gets talked about more it will lessened the guilt and confusion and sense of being alone, unable to talk about it.


  2. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel so lucky to be able to witness such courage. I did a quick search about breeding, and it looks like there aren’t many people talking about this yet.

    I agree with your therapist about helping bring this kind of thing to an end with your story because someone could see this, and want to share their story too. Then, another person will and sooner or later, there will be no way to hide this anymore.


    1. Thank you for responding. I was very fearful to share . I have shared only verbally to my therapists. Writing it was so different . As my friend said so wisely ” To see it in print as well as sharing with other ra survivors makes it so real in a different way.”

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Could you post what you found in your search? If we get something together, I could publicize it. I think it would be very worth while.


      1. Here is a blog testimony that mentions something interesting about how teenage girls are chosen because they don’t show when they are pregnant and they will give birth easier. https://escapingritualabuseinaustralia.com/2017/05/19/sacrifice-and-communion-in-satanic-coven/

        Here is an article from Birth Psychology that explains that breeding is a way of preparing some for higher positions in the cult. “Breeders are sadistically abused while pregnant and often it is considered a challenge to see how much torture they can endure without aborting their unborn child. Breeders suffer this abuse because it is a way for them to advance in the cult hierarchy of power.”


        This corroborates some things that people like Cisco Wheeler and Kathleen Sullivan have said. Here is a video clip about what Cisco Wheeler said about breeders in Fritz Springmeier’s book. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EXhRstfQ2s

        Here is another testimony http://ccmusa.org/Read/Read.aspx?id=CHG20080303

        And here is a person sharing someone’s story that they were told http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/04/07/butterfly-worldwide-healing-for-ritual-abuse-survivors/

        This was about all I could find. I found that I had more luck finding things using the Duck Duch Go search engine. Although, as I am thinking about it, I think there is probably a connection between the testimonies of forced abortions in cults and the subject of breeding that has not been made through research yet.

        I think it is possible that this is how some people are describing this experience at some point in their recovery.


      2. This is an article I found on forced abortion. Some of the descriptions are pretty graphic, and may be triggering. A couple of the descriptions indicate ritual abuse. None of them mention it in an overt way, but they do demonstrate that the abusive mindset that causes someone to force breeding is much more common than we think, and not confined to ritual abuse. As if there could be any more layers of evil to uncover.



  3. Thank you for being so brave and sharing your experience. My story is very similar and it is hard to live with, but I agree we do need to share our stories to help others as well as shine a light on these cults which thrive on secrecy. Thank You. ☺


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