Evidence-Based Trigger Reduction

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Evidence-Based Trigger Reduction

My insurance company wanted to enroll me in a preventative cardiac health program. I understand the logic: it costs less to keep me healthy than have me go to the ER and perhaps get hospitalized. And every year I stay healthy they make money on my premiums.

I said sure. The lady who enrolled me had a script to read from and she could not deviate from it to answer my questions or take additional information or laugh at my jokes. But she did tell me I would have access to a triage nurse and to a health coach. I get weekly emails from a lovely, sensible, brassy life coach on the Internet, so a health coach sounded exciting!

The health coach called within a couple of days. The poor thing had a different script to read which consisted of asking me questions that I had to answer on a Likert scale of 1-10. That is impossible for me because I get lost in the numbers and my only honest answer is, “I don’t know.” I faked it as best I could. There were also some easier questions, like, “Have you used any tobacco products in the last month?” and “How many servings of fruit and vegetables a day do you get?” (I didn’t know because I don’t know how big a serving is. I can count the different vegetables, though.),

The only thing the health coach could latch on to was my stress level. Now I know it’s been a lot, lot, lot worse but I don’t think it is low enough to be considered perfect. So I thought about the last ten years or so and guessed it was a four. “What would I like it to be?” “A two,” I said.

Then she listed some ways of reducing stress and asked me what I could commit to. Walking briskly for thirty minutes a day, every day, has been out of the question for well over fifteen years. My present goal is to walk 1800 steps a day spread out over twenty-four hours. The script then made her ask about dancing! Meditating would be wonderful, but I have tried many times and keep forgetting to do it. Frankly, the process of enrolling dissociated old me in an evidence-based program like they offered seemed a little ridiculous.

Finally I agreed I could journal about my stress levels for a month. I chose a bright yellow notebook and put it near the computer where I had to look at it every day.

Day 1 was a snap. I thought I had missed Day 2 but when I looked on Day 3 I saw I had identified a trigger and had written down a plan of dealing with it. Day 4 the morning passed and I still had no idea what my stress level was or what to write. So I wrote, “No triggers that I can see, therefore no plan of action.” This is going to be harder than I thought.

It has occurred to me that I may already be identifying triggers and coming up with doable plans. If I am going to accomplish anything, I have to do something new. It’s like losing weight – you can’t expect to get lighter if you keep on eating the same yummy foods every day. Not that forgetting things and messing stuff up and pushing unpleasant or anxiety-provoking things out of awareness is exactly yummy.

The problem is that I already know how to reduce my weight. (By the way, I just reached my goal after being on a plateau for about a month. Yippee! But then I went right back up again. No yippee. And then back to my goal again!) I think I am doing everything I can to reduce stress, with the emphasis on the “can.” But obviously I am not, or I would be meditating. I know meditating is wonderful for lowering stress, I understand the directions, I have quiet time, but…

I just came up with a plan of action. Break the big goal into little goals. Sit still and breathe consciously for two minutes a day. Then make it three minutes a day. Then make it twice a day. Etcetera.

Get a meditation Fitbit that will effortless track my behavior. HA! I would have to invent it. It’s easier to make my own graph and enter my progress. Or maybe not. Maybe the Internet has one ready-made for me. I spent too much time looking and found that the charts and graphs are mostly for general health or yoga and most cost more than $50.00.

I think I have gotten off-track, which is writing about the journal of triggers and action plans. I just looked at the yellow notebook and found that I hadn’t written anything in fourteen days. Obviously not high priority, right? How am I going to explain this to my health coach?

All I can say to her is that charting things appeals to accountant-type people and I am a poet.

I stopped to wonder why I have lost interest in tracking my stress levels. I don’t think it will teach me anything new because I am already pretty good at identifying triggers and managing them. I feel I have better things to turn my energy to.

I can’t imagine anybody finding something helpful in this rambling post about not doing something I committed myself to. I think I’m writing it simply because I want to complain and it feels good to complain to people who I trust to not sneer as they put me down for failing such an easy task. And for being different from all those people who gave evidence that this system really does work. I feel like the eternal outsider, but I am not when I am in your company.

Thank you, my friends, for being here for me.

11 thoughts on “Evidence-Based Trigger Reduction

  1. Write down my name and hand it to people?? Don’t know what you mean. “Easier for both of you”……are you talking about you and I? Am I too much hassle to handle? Tell me if I am. Totally understand


  2. Where did the 2 of you find this type of Help? Having a triage nurse and Coach. I have noone I can count on, not even my therapist. I see her once a week, and that some it. If I call or text her, she doesn’t get back to me. I live in Pa. Could you share what, where, how this life coach stuff is Please?

    I’m with you Jean re numbers. I can only grasp the 1st 3 numbers, then pfffttt, there goes the rest of them. I’ve been trying to get to 4 numbers, that’s not working very well. When I am trying to remember 4 numbers, I switch the last 2 numbers.

    My married, now divorced, last name is 11 letters…..with lots of I, e, t, and b’S. Try spelling that out to people only for them to get it Wrong! Plus, if they interrupt me, I have to start from the beginning,, all over again. Gotta find me a new last name. Sure as hell don’t want to take back my maiden name….(shivers.!!)

    The other day I was at a pizza place having an awesome slice. There were 2 TVS in this tiNY area. I still rated to feel weird, and listened. Here, the TVS had a 4 second delay between the two. One in front of me, the other behind me. I tried talking to my friend about it, but I couldn’t handle it. It scared the heck out of all of us. I know what it was from, the “room” with the blaring music, chants, screaming……….

    I tried to bear it but finally had to bolt. I was shaking . I felt empowered cos I realized what it was, but I still couldn’t accept it or deal with it. So I guess I didn’t win after all. They still have me……………….sucks


    1. It’s through my Medicaide health plan.I have coronary heart disease and they are trying to keep me healthy – cheaper for them and happier for me. But neither the nurse or the coach are much use to me. This is the online life coach I like http://declaredominion.com/. Her perkiness and love of cussing aren’t for everybody tho.

      No, having a flashback doesn’t mean they still have you. It means the kids who lived through that trust you enough to share their memories with you. And I think leaving is a very sensible way to deal with a flashback. Besides, the two TV’s seem like they would be annoying to a “normal

      How about writing down your name and handing it to pple? Easier for both of you!


  3. There’s something odd about those scripts to me that don’t feel right. Especially in the MI realm of the health care system. The paper questionnaires contain several questions that directly relate to mind control programming which would categorize someone as schizophrenic or the like.

    The conventional medical system intimidates me because I don’t trust it. I managed a health food store several years ago and witnessed so many people heal with natural remedies – an elderly man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer heal through making dietary changes and taking a probiotics product from Australia. That’s not to say there isn’t disinformation in the health food arena as well.

    Do you really need to do this preventative cardiac health program? Ancel Keyes lipid hypothesis is flawed. Butter was framed, lol! https://www.westonaprice.org/know-your-fats/

    “The highest concentration of cholesterol occurs in the brain, where it plays an especially important role in memory formation. Seniors with the highest cholesterol levels have the best memory function. Cholesterol also plays a major role in regulating serotonin levels in the brain – low cholesterol levels are associated with depression, anti-social behavior”.

    Also here

    “The myth that saturated fatty acids are “bad fat” while polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) are “good fat” emerged in the 1950s as the diet-heart hypothesis. This hypothesis stated that the saturated fat found in animal fats and tropical oils would contribute to heart disease by raising blood cholesterol levels while the PUFA found in vegetable oils would do just the opposite.”

    It sounds like you’re doing a great job dealing with your triggers dear! Have you had a number of hospitalizations that you’re trying to reduce?

    One thing that I have a passion for is flower essences. My roommate is a survivor and we just made some wild evening primrose flower essence yesterday. The kids got to cut the flower tops off and drop them into the bowl of water. Flower essences are considered pseudoscience by the mainstream medical community but I absolutely love them and they’ve helped me so much! I am on a mission to find the wild lupine next year so my roommate and I can make some flower essence with that one!

    Anyways I’m rambling too. I wanted to say something about journaling as well. It would be neat to make a journaling system for survivors. It has been a dream of mine. They have all sorts of cute printables online that may make journaling more fun. Also there are people who are doing their own freestyle sort of journaling thing with bullet journals. I have wanted to do them but haven’t made the time either, lol!!!!!!


    1. I don’t “have” to do this but I wanted to check out the health coach and I find a 24/7 triage nurse really handy. I can always drop out.

      I happily eat both butter and olive oil. Most high chloresterol, is genetic, not from diet, anyway.

      I started to write a “book of days” a 365 day journal with wonderful quotes for each day and maybe a line drawing of a leaf or flower or tree. I do a modified bullet journal. If you like my idea we could merge it somehow; I have about 100 quotes.

      Essential oils: I asked somebody who was supposed to know what eucalyptus oil did, and he said erased everything that had been used before. I have a poor sense of smell and enjoyed how strong it is. I also like lemon. To me it smells like Vermont!


  4. Thank you for your posts Jean. I enjoy reading them. I’ve struggle every day with flashbacks, but they seem to be getting better.


    1. I thought I had said that I am glad your flashbacks are gettting better — stay with it, and they will get even better!

      Guess I didn’t push the right button.


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