Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Survivors and Biomagnetic/Bioelectric Fields

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Ritual Abuse and Mind Control Survivors and Biomagnetic/Bioelectric Fields

Many ritual and mind control survivors have had spooky experiences, like light bulbs burning out when they entered a room, computers crashing, watches stopping. When people talked about this back in the ’90’s, I didn’t believe them. I just didn’t think such things could happen. I wasn’t argumentative, I just listened.

But then something similar happened to me. I had a pretty long commute to work and I worked evenings two days a week. One evening a stretch of about twenty highway lights went dark as I came to a certain section of the road. I thought nothing of it, of course. But then it happened again in the same place. And again. And again. Every time I drove on that damn road!

I still didn’t believe it could have anything to do with me or my car. I believed I was hallucinating, which was spooky in itself. Then I had a witness because I started carpooling with a down-to-earth guy I worked with. He saw it, too; it wasn’t an hallucination, it really was happening, It went on for three or four months and then stopped because the days got longer and the road no longer needed illumination.

Then I was a believer.

Today I started rummaging around on the Internet. I didn’t find a lot that satisfied my curiosity about how things like this could happen. But I will share what I did find.

The scientific entries said that there was a very small magnetic field around living creatures. It is formed as a response to certain cells – neurons, endocrine, and muscle cells – signaling each other electrically. But it is barely measurable.

Here are some websites which I found useful:

http://www.faim.org/measurement-of-the-human-biofield-and-other-energetic-instruments Chapter 20  “Energetics and Spirituality” by Beverly Rubik. From “Measurement of the Human Biofield and Other Energetic Instruments.” by Lyn Freeman.  A readable, thorough, and wide-ranging explanation of human energy fields, measurement techniques, and application to Chinese and Indian medicine. I really liked this one, which surprised me because I am biased toward Western medicine.

http://engineering.dartmouth.edu/events/biomagnetism-magnetic-fields-produced-by-the-human-body/ A talk by David Cohen, who invented the technique to measure biomagnetic fields.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1353653/ An article describing the measurement of a particular person’s biomagnetic field, which was 1000 times normal.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioelectromagnetics  Wikipedia states “Some usually aquatic animals, such as sharks, have acute bioelectric sensors providing a sense known as electroreception, while migratory birds navigate in part by orienteering with respect to the Earth’s magnetic field. In an extreme application of electromagnetism the electric eel is able to generate a large electric field outside its body used for hunting and self-defense through a dedicated electric organ.”

I skipped over many articles on using magnets and other techniques to change energy fields in order to cure some disease or disequilibrium. I also skipped a fair number of articles that said that using the bioelectric field to heal was nonsense and even more ridiculous was the claim of some survivors that their biolelectric fields could influence objects.

I was researching this topic because I had a strange experience last week. It had been many, means years since street lights and computers misbehaved in my presence. I thought that I had lost this dubious ability because I had calmed down after the memories stopped coming 24/7. However…

The other day, I routinely restarted my Apple desktop computer but nothing came up on the screen – just black. I got anxious and started pushing the on/off button on the back. Nada. So I checked to make sure all the plugs were seated. I disconnected and reconnected the power cord from the surge connector, disconnected and reconnected the surge protector from the wall outlet and made sure the surge protector was on by examining my battery charger, which has a little light glowing when connected. Everything was fine, but I still couldn’t fire up the computer. Nothing, just a steady black screen.

Called Apple tech service. A nice guy had me do all the things I had already done plus plug the power cord directly into the wall after a 30 second wait. He then told me it was a hardware problem, so I made an appointment with the hardware guys six days out.

Next morning I brought my coffee over to my workstation and sadly ran my fingers over the keys. AND THE COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY GAVE ME THE SCREEN THAT NORMALLY OPENS IN THE MORNING!

I cannot think of any way the computer could have turned itself on after being unplugged five times, once for over 30 seconds.

Tell me, is my bioelectric field now strong enough and kind enough to fix computers instead of crashing them? Stranger thing have happened. Maybe it can also charge batteries and clean the toaster oven and perhaps even wash the car.


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