Professors Convicted of Possession of Child Pornography

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I normally post things that are only about ritual abuse on my Facebook page for That’s fine, but it’s not very exciting. Librarians seldom are, or at least they weren’t in my day.

Recently I came across an article that really got under my skin. So I made an exception and posted it. It was simply a list of 75 professors (74 men and 1 woman) and college staff who had been convicted of possession (and presumably viewing) child pornography that they had found on the Internet. There is a description of each case, including a photo.

Some on this list had also created and distributed stills or videos, some of which were live-streamed as they were created. There was no mention of ritual abuse, but I read between the lines when they spoke of infants being abused and of children being subjected to sadistic abuse. I also know that many children subjected to ritual abuse are rented out for use in child pornography.

Well, the article took off in a modest way. People not only “liked” it, they re-posted it and shared it. It seemed that they were as struck by it as I was.

Maybe it was because it was easy to imagine the men from their photos and stories. They looked so ordinary, so much like college professors who were tenured or on a tenure track, which, of course, they were. Or perhaps we are surprised that, with such familiarity of the horrors of ritual abuse, we are still able to be shocked and disgusted by more every-day types of abuse. And believe me, watching child porn is a very ever-day activity.

I know I was shocked at the short sentences handed down; in some case no prison time, in most cases 10 years or less, followed by probation. I was also shocked and saddened by the fact that nothing was said about identifying the children, protecting them from further harm, and getting help for them. Convicting 75 consumers of child porn will not help any of the child victims. And it will not put a dent in this billion dollar business.

The article was researched and written by Dr. Lori Handrahan, who is an expert on gender violence in different settings. In the conclusion of this list, Dr, Handrahan said that there is software, such as Netclean, which scans computers for child porn images which can then be reported to law enforcement. However, few companies or organizations have installed this software or even know about its existence.

I’m embarrassed to say I cannot access the main Facebook page for But here is the list of professors I posted there:  If you would like to learn more about her work, go to Data4Justice: Crowdsourcing Arrest Data for the Trade in Child Rape and Torture aka Child Pornography at It is a site I could not stop reading, just as I could not stop reading this article.

3 thoughts on “Professors Convicted of Possession of Child Pornography

    1. I think consumers of child porn are totally reprehensible. But if we arrested and convicted them all the prisons would be overflowing and there would be nobody left in the labor market!

      IMO, the sensible way to go would be to identify, arrest, and try the big shots, those controlling the business and making the most money. Dr. Hanaran says that half the servers are based in the USA – tracing their owners would be a good move. She also says that the vsat majoprity of distributors of child porn in the US are white men: a good old boy network of people with money, power, and connections.

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