Long Weekends

Upcoming Satanic and Nazi holidays    
Please note that Satanic sects build the year around pagan holidays Christian holidays, and major secular holidays. It is the Neo-Nazi groups that defile Jewish holidays.
Also see: August Ritual Dates https://ritualabuse.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/august-ritual-dates
Labor Day https://ritualabuse.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/labor-day/
8/18 (Satanic and some Nazi)  Full Moon: 8/15 (Satanic) Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary: sundown 8/13 to sundown 8/14 (Nazi) Tisha B’Av: (Day of Mourning): 9/1 (Nazi) Start of WW 2:  9/5 (Satanic) Labor Day (US and Canada):  9/5 – 9/7 (Satanic) Marriage to the Beast:  9/7 (Satanic) Feast of the Beast:  9/16 (Satanic) Full Moon:  9/17 (Nazi) Hitler’s alternate half-birthday:  9/20 – 9/21 (Satanic) Midnight Host:  9/22 (Satanic and Nazi) Fall Equinox

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I’ve always hated long weekends and never known why. Labor Day, sure, school was about to start. But I liked school. So I thought I just disliked Labor Day because all of the other kids didn’t want to go to school and start a new grade. I really wanted to fit in.

Now that I know a little bit more about myself, I get it. Look at the list for 2016:

January 1      New Years’ Day
January 15      Presidents’ Day
May 30   Memorial Day
July 4   Independence Day
September 5, 2016   Labor Day
October 10   Columbus Day
November 11   Veterans’ Day
November 24   Thanksgiving
December 25   Christmas

(I think that the Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand have more than the US does.)

New Years’ Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are probably celebrated by all Satanic cults. The others, I don’t know for sure. It’s confusing to me because several of those days had different names when I was a kid. It’s also confusing because we were at war and they created holidays for major military events  – D-Day, V-E Day, V-J Day. Those holidays were consolidated and forgotten by the next generation. So I have no personal experience with Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, or Veterans’ Day.

There are nine long weekends in the year. If the they were spread out, which they aren’t, there would be an almost six week break between long weekends. Satanist have a full six week break between their eight major holidays. And Satanists’ holidays can occur on week days as well as weekends. So there is even more time on long weekends than on Satanic holidays for doing whatever it is they do.

My cult was very conservative: they prided themselves on following  the traditional English rites. Only Christmas was included as a Satanic “religious” holiday. But I have bad feelings about all four-day weekends. I have verbal and visual memories of Thanksgiving but only feelings about the others.

Because my cult was so conservative, I believe there were no ceremonies on these “lay” holidays. It was just a time to party, and party they did. It was also a time when we children were sent off to other groups to entertain them. We had rehearsed our acts for months and had them pretty well down. But because we were performing live, there were always surprises, and the real thing was far far worse than the rehearsals.

I am sure that other cults observe these long weekends differently from mine. I don’t know what others did back then, but I’m pretty sure that none of them let them go by unnoticed. Networking? Business deals? Using the occasion to turn the meaning the weekend upside down and have it be “religious”? Or just partying, like mine did? Whatever it was, it wasn’t fun or relaxing.

Do any of you know that your perpetrators did on those weekend? If you do, would you like to share it with the rest of us in the Comments section? Thanks so much!


11 thoughts on “Long Weekends

  1. Hi Jean, This is a great post! Memorial Day is very hard for me because of the beginning of summer. The worst is Easter, still after all my years of healing. Whenever I wake up and feel the dreaded Dread, I know its a ritual date. This summer has not been too bad though- I have had a few good things happen. And I am reading some good books. And there is always iced coffee. Peace to all who read this.


    1. I figured out why all of spring was awful — its because Easter is moveable. SO it ruined a whole bunch of days.

      Peace and other good things to you! You deserve them!!!!!!


  2. Thanks for the insight. I am 10 years in therapy, but only 2 years working on RA so a lot of it is still discovering “ah-ha” moments as we put pieces together. I will think on this and let you know if we come up with feedback. But thanks again for your insight–it make sense to us.



    1. I’m glad that it clicked for you. I’m always so happy when somebody at the beginning of their journey finds something I write helpful. I sure wish that there had been people in the late ’80’s early ’90s who could have done this for us, but we were all in the same stage. It was both confusing and exhilarating!

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  3. Hi Jean,
    Another great post!
    You know, as years go by, and more memories surface, I find that I do not even have to look at a calendar. My body remembers. I will feel off..sick..and then I will take note of the time of year, holiday…
    It is odd you mention Thanksgiving. It is one of the worst for me. Well, Christmas and Easter are very bad..but there is something about Thanksgiving and the memories that it holds are very bad. I won’t write them out.
    You would not think of Thanksgiving of being a holiday like that.
    I live in the US, so like you, I am unsure of the differences, but it always strikes me how the similarities run throughout.
    August and September are bad as well.
    Sometimes I joke and say, well there are a few months of reprieve I guess. LOL!
    Because when August rolls around it is very hard until after the New Year..and then my birthday falls in January as well.
    But, you are definitely right about the long weekends. It is an unsettling feeling.
    I am always in wait of a new memory. A new link. I know they have to eventually all be put together, but sometimes I wish I could just be done with it.
    As always, a great post.


    1. I never had to look at a calendar to know recognize feeling bad, but then I forgot what the date was and that there was a holiday in the vicinity, so I had no way of linking feeling rotten to the holiday. If I looked at the calendar three times a day, I still forgot in between. That’s better now.

      Thanksgiving and Beltane are the worst. August is a snap for me and September is not much fun between my birthday and Labor Day.

      I dunno about remembering everything. If an alter was formed to take care of X, I don’t think you have to remember every single X that happened. I think it is more important to work with all the alters that were present. If you can work through the first time, it’s enough, they say. I’m DDNOS (I think!), so it’s blurrier for me, but it seems enough to remember one time, the most intense time.

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      1. This is such an interesting comment, Jean. I am wondering why you say you think you have DDNOS, if you have alters you are aware of? You don’t have to answer, of course, but I am skeptical of the various diagnoses when it comes to DID..ie. DDNOS and OSDD..it seems to me they are DID, just in different stages of awareness in a person’s life. Does that make sense? That is just my feeling on it. I almost feel as if MPD was highjacked long ago and is now sort of an array of theories and diagnoses by experts with different opinions that vary widely.
        Do you have any thoughts on that at all? If not, that is OK.
        In the end, I always feel like those of us living with it should decide how we live with it and refer to ourselves with how we feel most comfortable.
        I do think you may be right about not having to relive every memory.
        Another interesting topic.
        Sorry for the late reply.
        You are always writing and responding with things I feel I could go on for days about.
        Love your blog.


        1. Hi CC:

          I explained my DDNOS more thoroughly in “Finding My Voice” and “Polyfragmentation”

          You see, I am so fragmented I don’t have anything that is glued together enough to be an alter. So I do not qualify as DID or MPD. By default, I am DDNOS. But I swing back and forth, am I multiple or not. I do have one sub-system where there is at least one alter, but it was installed in me as an experiment and then never used. And it is not how I work as a system. The other thing I wonder and worry about is whether I have a bunch of alters but they have all been shut down and are “sleepers.” That s scary, but I have never foundevena hint that this might be true.

          Sometimes i wish I were a traditional multiple and could be aware of different alters, start communicating with them, start being co-conscious, start cooperating and working together. Life would make so much more sense.

          And I think that the DSM is a total mess and not worth the bandwidth it takes up.

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          1. Oh, I see, that makes sense to me. I can see where you would wonder and also have those concerns. Thanks for that answer. I have never met anyone that straightforward or in your particular position. I can see your situation and concerns.
            I had to laugh at your comment regarding DSM. I do so agree.
            We will just continue keeping on keeping on.
            As I said, we survivors know who we are, I think, for the most part..and define ourselves as we figure ourselves out. Thank you so much for these great conversations Jean. -CC


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