Contemplating Writing a Book

Over the years, many people have told me I should write a book. Sometimes I considered it, sometimes  I decided against it immediately.

I probably could do it, if I put my mind to it. I would have to turn down other projects, of course. Here are the things that stop me from going forward –

Lack of self-confidence
Planning the book
Writing an outline
Actually writing the chapters
More rewriting
Finding people to proof read
Choosing between submitting it to publishers or self-publishing
Formatting it for publication
Getting a cover designed
Planning publicity
Actually doing the publicity

It looks very daunting.

I much prefer short projects, ones that can be done in a week or so and crossed off my to-do list. It raises my spirits so much to cross things off! I feel competent and accomplished and satisfied with myself. Sometimes I even cheat and break tasks down to minuscule steps so that I can have the fun of crossing off twenty things instead of just one.

It occurred to me that I could arrange my blog entries into small groups and make a series of pamphlets  – Satanic holidays, choosing a therapist, and safety, for starters.

Then my very knowledgeable son-in-law told me about an open-source site where you could make an e-book for free. You could then take the e-book and make it into a print-on-demand book, if you wanted. And you set the price and got 90% royalties. That’s unheard of! You could even set a price range, so that people could pay what they could. I found the idea very exciting.

I thought he had said it was called so I Googled it. Unfortunately, all I got was companies selling diet dog food. Natch. I asked him to clarify and found it was Duh. And it is just as he described it. It’s even easy to format your book!

I started to format the Satanic holidays pamphlet and found it came out to a respectable 30 pages. I wrote an artist friend and asked her to design the cover. And I started daydreaming of donating my royalties to “Surviving Spirit: Healing the Heart through the Creative Arts”

Looking back over my list of obstacles, the only barriers still standing are rewriting, finding proofreaders, and marketing/publicity. Not bad.

Oh, and self-confidence.

So…think I should do it?

11 thoughts on “Contemplating Writing a Book

    1. Nope. I started formatting it in LeanPub, and then they changed the format – the way to do it technically – and I got overwhelmed and stopped. If somebody else wants to publish it, I’m welcome to let them do it, and they can keep the royalties and have all the glory.


  1. LeanPup…oohkeyy😋…where can we find your book?..sounds interesting..100% of us likes your sense of humor,jean…greetz berny&family


    1. So far the book is only in my brain, so unless you can read minds….

      When it gets done, it will be a free ebook. I’ll have to think through a way to get paper copies.

      I’ll let you-all know either when I need some help, or when the ebook comes out.


      1. Okey thats fine…since 2015 we are writing our own book.
        Sometimes a very difficult process but the right way for us to say”thanxx,we are fine and loving it!”
        It’s time to tell our story.Not in black&white but in color.
        Feelings about childhood etc.have changed constantly…feels right.
        If youre in need of help…whenever whoever etc. send mail:-)
        greetz from germany,berny&family


        1. Tell me when it comes out so I can list it on

          And, I’d like to add you to my email list for when the booklet comes out. I might every now and then add some abuse-type news or news about other books. I’ll assume that’s okay unless you say no.


    1. Weird. I absolutely thought some pple would say, “I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but, nah, don’t bother. You have better ways of spending your time.” I’m not kidding you, I really thought that.

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