A Separate Arc for the Skunks

This is a happy story for kids, child alters, and other sensible people.

My father could be pretty mean with words.

He told us that Noah called all the animals to come into the Arc when it started to rain. But the skunks smelled so bad Noah didn’t want them on board. So he built a separate Arc for the skunks.

Every time the grownups did something and us kids had to do something different, he said, “Separate Arc for the skunks.” Like at a family party, if there was a kids’ table and a grown-up’s table.

That hurt our feelings. We didn’t smell bad. How could we smell bad if they washed us and our clothes all the time? They never let us get dirty, anyway.

Besides, skunks don’t smell all that bad. Especially if you think of elephants and hippos peeing and pooing in the Arc for forty days and forty nights. Yuck!

So I made a pretend separate Arc for the skunks and all their friends. It has six restaurants with everything they want to eat and plenty of it. It has soft beds and the cabins have night lights so nobody has to be scared of the dark. It has an orchestra that can play all the tunes in the world. It has a bowling alley, a movie theater, and a swimming pool with a waterfall and water slides and inner tubes.

It has everything the skunks and their friends could ever want.

So there!

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