Our International Community

May we all have a Happy — or Happier — New Year.

People often end the year with a summary. So I took a look at the statistics for this blog and found that there are readers from all over the world.

Looking at the number of hits in the last year (e.g. pages that people looked at) 57% come from the United States, 12% from the UK, 7% from Canada, and 24% from every place else. Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Lithuania, and South Africa top the “every place else” category. And there are 77 other countries represented! The only continent where nobody looked at the site is Antarctica.

People came from 65 different websites, again from all over the world. This is not counting the different search engines. One thing that makes me especially happy is that we are reaching countries like Sweden, New Zealand, and Lithuania where there are few, if no, resources for ritual abuse survivors. Also Singapore, India, and Mexico, among many others.

Another thing that makes me happy is that, when I check out the blogs of people who list them when they make comments, about half are not already part of the ritual abuse on-line community. I hope that some are survivors and this is their first or second survivor contact and that, in time, they will discover many more resources. Others are probably members of the general public who are brave enough to learn something about dealing with the after-effects of extreme childhood abuse. Whoever you are, I am very grateful for your support.

What do people read when they come to this blog? The current entry, of course, the archives, and the ritual calendar; these pages draw about half of the hits. After that, the most popular pages are “Feast of the Beast,” “Symbols in Survivor Art,” and “What Do Satanists Really Believe?” — topics which can’t be found elsewhere. Essays on the various holidays are popular, and so are articles on flashbacks and triggers. “Writer’s Block” and “Addictions” are the least popular — guess those subjects are bummers. There is one page that is fairly popular for the wrong reason — “Angel Kitty” is the name of a band!

Now here is an idea for the blog’s direction in 2014.

If we wish, we can form an interactive community in the comments section, almost like a message board. If you like the idea and want to help get this rolling, answer one another’s comments. Ask questions to encourage others to participate. Commenting more often would also be helpful.

And tell me what to do. Would you like more or fewer comments from me? More frequent entries? What topics would you like to see covered? Would you like to see entries reprinted from other ritual abuse survivors’ blogs? If you live outside the US, UK or Canada, would you be willing to write about ritual abuse in your country?

This could be pretty exciting!

6 thoughts on “Our International Community

  1. i’d love to see more from you, too Jean. But I do understand not wanting to write so much! Every time I consider opening a blog, I get stopped thinking about HAVING to write and respond more. lol. But you always have a unique take on many areas and issues. I like that.


    1. Ack!!! that would mean more writing!!! I’ll try, but won;t promise. In the meantime, when I find something I think you’all would like, I’ll repost it. First, I have to learn what a pingback in and how to do it.


  2. I’m glad for you and your blog, you are the best! As you well said, lets stand together and work further. My wish is more systematization and movement to push the cult out of our society replacing it with Humanism. That’s what I’m about to do in my project. Then, we will be among friends and happy.


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