Cults and The Mayan Calendar

There is a a lot of fear that civilization, or the world itself, is going to end on December 21, 2012, which is the end of an era on the Mayan calendar. All sorts of millenium groups have picked up on this and have been talking about the end of the world on this date for several years now.

This really reminds me of the situation as we approached January 1, 2000. There was the Y2K scare, when people feared that all the computers in the world would crash and we would have no money, electricity, water, gasoline, etc. But there was more to it than that — I had been led to believe that the Satanists were going to take over on that date. I wasn’t sure it would happen, but I sure was scared. I was also afraid that, even if they weren’t organized enough to take over the world, some groups would get wild and do some very dumb things. Like bombing large cities and dams and seats of government.

I decided to handle it by buying a favorite, very expensive, food for New Year’s Eve. I ate it slowly, savoring every bite, thinking it might well be my last meal. I’d had enough optimism, however, to buy enough for breakfast the next day, just in case I woke up and was still alive. How I slept is beyond me, but I did.

Well, obviously I did wake up the next day. Rather than feeling naive and fooled by the cult’s bragging, I was filled with joy. Absolutely nothing had happened! They weren’t all that powerful — all they had been able to do was frighten little kids into expecting the end of the world on 1/1/2000. It was just another empty threat.

Now we are facing a similar situation. My cult didn’t talk about 12/21/2012, but I imagine a lot of others have, especially those that are into numerology. I imagine they have told kids over and over that civilization as we know it will end then and they will take over the whole world. I imagine that a great many survivors are terrified, just as I was on 12/31/1999.

The Mayas did not believe there would be a catastrophe, the end of civilization, or the end of the whole physical world. What they did believe was that on December 21, 2012, a god, known as Bolon Yokte’ K’u, or “Lord of Light,” will descend from heaven and a cycle of 5,125 years will be completed. Thus they simply believed that one era ended and new one began on that date. It had happened three times already — it was just the beginning of another cycle.

None of the Mayan engravings refer to any sort of catastrophe at the end of this cycle, and there are even Mayan engravings that refer to dates beyond 12/21/2012. One is at the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico, one at Tortuguero, Tabasco, Mexico and one at the La Cornona site in Guatemala. And in 2012, researchers announced the discovery of a series of Mayan astronomical tables in Xultun, Guatemala which plot the movements of the moon and other astronomical bodies in a calendar that stretches more than 7,000 years into the future.


This time I am not terrified. It was a bluff last time, and I am sure it will be a bluff this time, an empty threat. The cult lost a lost of credibility, as far as I am concerned, on January 1, 2000. If I remember, I will treat myself to a delicious dinner on December 21 and an equally delicious breakfast on December 22. If I forget, well, it will be just another day.

Anybody else up for a celebration?


9 thoughts on “Cults and The Mayan Calendar

  1. On line I call myself Mercury Rising because like the Autistic boy in he Movie I have a high functioning type of Autism called Asperger’s Syndrome. That boy, like me, liked codes and ciphers. He was not abused, but I started because I was abused and wanted something to be safe with. Codes and ciphers did that for me. Its still my Teddy Bear.

    As to Calendars, they are like odometers. When your car gets to 99,999.9 miles does it self destruct when it reaches 100,000 mile? Odometers start over at that point. Calendars do too.

    Elwin or
    Mercury Rising

  2. I’m glad you put this up- I’ve never bought into this particular bs, but then again, growing up with a survivalist, crazy father who believed civilization as we know it is going to collapse “any day now” and has believed that for decades- has kind of enured me to this kind of stuff. I did get worried with y2k that some stupid/crazy people might do some randomn bad things- but people use all kinds of excuses to do that, and I don’t think that’s likely with this date. I may share this with other people, and link to this, to help others see that this is just a bunch of hooey.

  3. O Jeannie, I LOVE the way you write. We Love the Hope you give.
    Ad HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Not cuz we know your Bday but cuz we are SO GLAD you were Born !
    You are an Inspiration to us.

    Thank You Dear Jeannie.
    from Fairlight

  4. Hi, Jeannie – about a year ago a therapist/advocate sent me an internet article entitled something like “Why the world will not end in 2012”. It was written by a Mayan ancestor who explained what their beliefs were REALLY about. According to that author, they didn’t believe the world would end in December; but they believed there would be some significant changes that would affect humanity in GOOD, lasting ways. It helped me feel a lot better, and helped me not to be so affected by all the hype. I remember the Y2K “crisis” too. And how too many people started spending a lot of money, hoarding, and getting scared. It seems like every so often, a date is brought up and is focused on, specifically to scare everyone, and each time, nothing much happens – other than people’s fear responses. In the fundamentalist Christian community, they do the same thing – big-name pastors and Christian cult leaders tell their followers that on a certain date, we’ll either go or be left behind by the “rapture” but it never happens. I knew one couple in the church I was in at the time, who believed what our pastor said. They quit their jobs and waited to go up in the air on that certain date but it didn’t happen and they lost everything. Go figure. Anyway, I think that 12/12 will be just another day. Thanks for writing this one.

  5. It’s more complicated than that, actually. The cult would like to bring the whole Civilization into itself. I studied it myself.
    However, I’ll agree with Jeannie. They are trash and can’t take over humankind while we love to live; we are too powerful.

  6. Good idea, I think I’ll have a nice steak dinner on that Friday and a big juicy omelet the next day. Woo Hoo! Turns out those guys were 99% bluff and 1% BS.

  7. Jean, I really really wish I was in SF still. I would 1. have dinner with you on the 21st if you wanted company and then we could go out to breakfast at Herbivore which has lovely pancakes. Love, Karen

  8. Hi Jeannie,,, I love your sense of humor. No more scare tactics will get me, I have learned some valuable lessons just like you have… great information you’ve provided too…

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