No I said 
No no no no no
Bouncing from one canyon wall to the other
Fading to nothing
One side my father
One side me
     Waking with a mouthful of blood
     Waking with a startle and nothing else
Between us it fades to nothing
As if it never was
No no thing no never

Don’t even think about it

4 thoughts on “Echo

  1. Hi, Jeannie,

    That’s my 5-star vote up there. Touching to the core of me…clear truth about truth…can you change the font? Too small. It was okay in the email but difficult here, unless it’s my eyes.


    1. It’s wonderful to have feedback! All those years of writing, I never could guess what would resonate with people.

      I haven’t figured out a way to change the font but I will keep trying. Blogs, being “simpler” than websites, also have a narrower range of things you can do.

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