What the World Should Know

World, I just live here.
I’m not in charge of keeping track of your assignments
And I cannot to do them for you.
I am supposed to live my own life
And you are supposed to live yours,
As are all living things.

But since you asked,
(Not that anybody will listen to me)
I will say it as I see it.

It is not necessary to take pleasure in cruelty.
You can take off your black robes,
Wash the blood from your face and hands,
Untie your victims and give them water,
Walk together into the sunlight.

Your nations can come together and talk,
Give up suicide bombs, land mines, trade sanctions,
Stop starving children and making them soldiers and sex slaves.
Destruction is not necessary and never has been.

World, I know a few things.
Like how to cook an egg, how to grow a plant,
How to get through every day when the body is broken
And the heart is breaking,
How to live without killing, raping, plundering.
How much better life is without hatred and sadism.

Believe me, if I can learn that, it’s not all that hard.

World, you are older and more experienced than I am.
You must have thought of all this.

So tell me, World,
What is wrong with peace?

4 thoughts on “What the World Should Know

  1. It’s not just beautiful, it puts in a few words what a normal good person wants to ask. And such people should answer why this happened, then, go the way of peace and enjoy creativity. Even if it’s the question of handling the whole world as we know it.


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