A wish for us all

I dreamed I was about to be eaten by a huge drooling monster with fangs. I reached behind me and grabbed an ice cream cone and threw it in his mouth with all my might. He chomped and licked his lips. I threw another, and another, and another. Finally he let one drop in front of him and burped. Then he walked up to me — I was so scared — and rubbed the side of his face against my leg like a cat. Next he stood on his hind legs and put his front legs on my shoulders, then licked my face like a dog. So I scritched his ears.

May all our monsters be as easily tamed.

4 thoughts on “A wish for us all

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely dream. It reminds me how often I see a monster where one is not. I’ll keep the image in your dream handy for those times. Best to you.


  2. That is a lovely dream. Just lovely. If it had been MY dream it would mean that it is time to lose those five pounds……again as not EVERYTHING casn be tamed with chocolate, it seems.


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